Monday, November 24, 2014

Familias GALORE!‏

Wow this was one of the best and hardest weeks of my mission. I am sooo tired, mentally and spiritually drained!
WE FOUND 2 FAMILIIES!!!! Ill try to tell this story as quick as possible but we were walking and we passed a Mamita, which is basically a true Peruvian, they dress traditional with these long skirts and their hair in braids and these weird hats. but she was carrying these bags of like popped rice. They weren't heavy at all but we asked to help and she handed them over ha, then when we asked where she was headed she replied ARRRIBA.. we thought great all the way up the mountain out of our area. But we figured it would be good to know where her house was so we walked with her and started talking with her, she told us about her family and her job. Then as we were getting close to her house it just started down pouring rain. We were drenched, we gave her our umbrella. When we got to her house we asked if we could come in and share something with her and her family. She let us in, it was a tiny one room house with one bed, we walked in and just see like 5 little kids all huddled on this bunk bed together. Their roof was just a sheet of tin and the rain was coming down soo hard so we couldn't hear anything. We sat there just being stared at by her 5 kids and husband for 20 minutes cause they couldn't hear if we tried to talk. But We did pass around our my family books so they could see our families. We really wanted to teach them because we had finally found a Family!!  and the youngest was 7! Hna Bott yelled to me say a prayer in your head for the rain to stop. So we both did at the same time and literally the down pouring just vanished. we looked at each other in just pure shock! PRAYER IS SO REAL! We were able to teach the first lesson and it was soo cool they all just sat in amazement listening. It was a great lesson! We set up another time to come back  and as soon as we got out the door Hna bott and I just hugged each other for like 2 minutes! It was such a miracle. We have been praying to find families all our missions!
The next family was pure coincidence, which remember I don't believe in. We knocked on the wrong door and asked for a Julia and the daughter of 31 years old ( with her FAMILIY) a little confused told us she had lived there but has passed away 2 years ago and seemed pretty hurt still talking about it. She told us her mom Julia was a member, then she just let us in and she taught a great lesson with her family too!  And she came to church this week! I have never seen so many miracles in just one week! But its also been so draining cause now their all I think about and how we can help them. I'm so worried about them every second. Its getting tiring. ha.
The other thing I've been struggling with is changing how I teach these people. They don't really have a social background and don't have very much education. Especially all the parents here and its so hard to come down to that level and be able to teach them. Its like teaching  year olds. But whenever I get in these slumps I feel my answer is always the spirit. ANYONE can feel the spirit. Even kids! And the spirit will be what teaches them not what we actually say. So that has been our focus for these familias. especially these Mamitas! Which also remember that crazy language I told you about. Everyone over 70 here that's all they speak. We have a sunday school class just in  Quequa. I've actually been learning a little bit. I can say ¨Manca, Nuqa kani nañay Nielsen ¨ (Hello my name is hermana Nielsen) 
But yeah its been a great week! so much to do! but I'm loving every second and every day more and more! Hermana Bott and I are ready to see some great miracles this change.
Im actually really excited we both are going to pass our birthdays together ( hna bott is the 15) and christmas!!
I love you guys soo much! I love testifying that this gospel will bless there lives and families because it has blessed mine! AND IT IS SO TRUE! You guys are the best! 

Hermana Nielsen

ps Hey also I got the YSA package but it didnt have pictures of Carly like you said.. so Idk if you forgot or what happened. 
Pss They don't have thanksgiving here... And we aren't doing anything special. BUT more time to teach these families!! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!

pss i dont know if i mentioned but Hna Bott and I are sister Leaders!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014



And our biggest group of converts on my last trip to the temple!

This is my new area from out my window.. The clouds are UNREAL here! IM SO IN LOVE!

Nefita y Lamanita! 


Hey Family!!
So i got changed.... IM IN AYACUCHO!!! but before I get to that I have to tell you about our amazing week!  So last monday we had a mini emergency change.. An hermana in our missions dad had pasted away and she went home for 5 days for the funeral. so Hna guzman went and stayed with her companion, so it was just hna Mendez and I the whole week.  We went to the temple 3 times this past week! twice for baptisms and we did 74 names!!! Thats 74 souls who can finally continue on in the other side!! It was our biggest number yet for one week! So in all in the 3 months I was there 386 baptisms we were abe to help with!! HOLY SMOKES RIGHT? We also had 15 recent converts this past week go to the temple for the first time. Then on Friday we went through a session as a zone. It was great! AND GUESS WHO I SAW?? The whole ward of Villa el salvador! One of our rescues was recieving her endowment and my mission leader was getting sealed to his wife! It was so great to see all of them. I probaly wont have time to send that picture. But man I miss that ward so much! BUt yeah it was a great last week, Hna Mendez and I had sooo much fun together. SO MUCH FUN!  I had only been with her for 3 weeks and we just became so close, It was so hard to say goodbye. She has definetly been one of my favorite companions. We laughed so much together and she helped me a ton with my accent. WE also took like over 600 pictures together in only 3 weeks together. oops. 

Okay now I can tell you about my new area. AYACUCHHO!! Just google map it or something its like way out in the middle of peru in the mountains and jungle. ITS SOOO BEAUTIFUL!  Its about a 10 hour bus drive from Lima. We drove all night and it kicked my bottom.. Its all switch backs and hills as we go higher in elevation. I was sooo sick. I didnt puke but only because I kept swallowing it back down. I had never been car sick before. I was also the only hermana traveling there, so my companion was my zone leader. But yeah I finally got there to meet up with my new companion Hermana Bott, she is from kaysville utah, we were in Cañete together during training, she only has one change less them me. You might recognize her from some of my old pictures. SHE IS GREAT! I love her so much! She loves to run and eat healthy, so im super excited haha! but sorry Dad ill be having another gringo when we skype you guys... ha. But hna Jimenez is here in my zone!  Also this area is 50% family history so i havent escaped completely yet, we teach lessons but only a few nights every week. But we do have a few temple trips planned for this change. Im excited, just not for the bus ride... 

I love you guys so much! I love being a missionary! I love this church is true! Hna bott and I talked alot about prayer yesterday and shared all our cool experiences with Prayer in our lifes.I know our heavenly father hears and CARES about everything we say. I know he loves each one of us! 

Have a great week!! 

Hermana Nielsen

Ps, there was an earthquake this week, it was actually pretty strong.

Monday, November 10, 2014

312 baptisms!!!‏

Hey Family!!

This was a super great week! 

Things are going really great here in San Juan, the other day I found and reserved 22 names in just 2 hours! Im getting alot better in knowing how to work familysearch. Today we had a meeting with president and I guess he has to present all our success and what we are doing to the area and eventually to the 12 apostles!! Thats kind of a scary thought.. the apostles are going to know what my indicadores claves are. Its super crazy so we are trying to get everything all ready and perfect. So thats gonna be a huge stress this week! But im excited! This is also the last week of the combio... im really scared to see what happens but i know itll be where i need to be. 

Also just a fun fact.. Since ive been here Ive had 312 baptisms!!! Vicarioss, but a soul is a soul. Its the work of salvation no matter what side its on!

 Last monday we did some major spring cleaning, cause its spring time here! I killed at least 500 spiders... I wouldnt be suprised if I woke up tomorrow with some super spidy powers (that was for cody haha)

Also I love my companions. We have sooo much fun together. I love being in a trio! If i have time ill send some of our great pictures we have! Adn yes dad I have started picking up al ittle bit of an argentinan accent. haha 

Hey random, so one of the best parts about going to the temple is I always run into people I know. Whethers its old missionary friends from the CCM in other missions or old members from all my old areas, Guess who I ran into this last week, Elder Austin Morris. He played basketball with Cody and I, It was so crazy. He recognized me first, he is sooo tall!  I had heard from colby patton that he was coming to Peru but yea it was cool to see someone I knew from Nevada! He is serving in Lima east. 

Also cool story! So on family search I found a picture of grandma nielsen in one of the dresses I brought on my mission. I hadnt worn it in over 2 months then thursday I decided to wear it just becuase itd been a while. My companions who had never seen me wear it, complimented it and so i started talking about how it was my grandmas and showed them the picture in my my family book and when i look at it I looked at the dates and it said that she passed away the 6 of novemebr, i looked at my calender and it was the 6 of november!!! I dont believe in coinsidences. I was very grateful for that sweet special little miracle to remember grandma and have a piece of her with me that day. I took a picture with her picture ill send it in a sec.

I love you guys soo much! Im so greatful for each one of you! I know this church is true and I know my savior lives. I love every day I have as a missionary. I love working and serving. This is seriously the best decsion ive ever made in my life! 

Hermana Nielsen

PS, I had an intercombio with Hna Cortez, SHE GOES HOME NEXT WEEK!! Im so sad! But I loved every minute with her, it was just like the good old days, we talked so so  so much it was great! I love her so much!

pss, Also I made blue cheese salad this week! I couldnt rememeber the portions for the dresing only the ingredients but it was super good! 

psss Hey mom I have a video for you... Thanks for all you have done for me and all the time you have sacrificed for me! This video made me think of you!

pssss Also you guys as a family should watch this video for family home evening its sooo cool! 

I think thats everything! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

wanna see something funny...

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy late NEVADA day!‏

Pretty Peru!!

Hey Family!

 OH hey Happy Nevada Day! There are only 3 of us in the mission from Nevada but I saw them both and was super excited to wish them a Happy Nevada Day that day haha.  This week went by suuuper fast!  WE had our leadership meeting tuesday, so im not a sister leader, but everyone calls us the Hermana assistents, so president asks us to attend every month. It was really good. I got to participate in an activity where they had me hold a 1 liter of water with my hand streched out, and they said to hold it as long as I could but that I could ask for help whenever I needed from my companion who was standing next to me. SO me being me, I held it as long as I could and when I started to shake a little my companion asked to help and I say no Im fine... yeah until my arm basically fell off, Then afterwards they explained what it all meant and it really hit me, they said my companion was like the savior and his atonement offering to help us but only if we let it. I realized how well this showed who I am, I try to be too independent sometimes. They explained yes we must do all that we can before the grace and mercy comes in, but I sometimes take that to the extend and think I dont need any help, cause I could have asked for help from my companion at the very first second and lasted a lot longer. It was really cool and made me think alot about what kind of person I am and if I really am relying on my savior and his atonement to help me through my hard times cause I dont have to always take the whole load upon myself. I know it was really interesting for me to think about. I liked it a lot.

AS far as the temple goes we had 9 converts go to the temple and we did 13 names! and of those 9 seven of them went to church! so the promise of elder bednar we are truly seeing! I think thats what I love most about this calling, is that we really get to see the fruits of the work. We get to see these recent coverts enter the temple and thier faces when they come out and hear about how they have never felt anything like that before. Its soo cool! I love it. We are having changes in 2 weeks im pretty sure I will be returing back to the normal missionary life which I am very excited but I do love love love this work! But I will be such a better missionary now because of this! But who knows well see what happens...

Hey funny story so last night we turned on the lights in the kitchen in the church and it was covered in cocrochets, like seriously the whole floor was moving and then we just went crazy trying to kill them all, I felt like i was walking on that bubble wrap. but yeah it reminded me of Dad and all his mission stories, haha so I had a good time and know exactly what he was talking about now. 

ALso did i ever mention we cook for ourselves? Yesterday I made real green beans with garlic mash patatoes with a cream of mushroom dressing and chicken in corn flakes.. it was super good! we always take turns cooking food from our countries so its always yummy chilean, mexican and argentinan food! I LOVE IT!

I love you all sooo much! I know this church is true! I LOOOOOVE being a missionary! Its going by soo stinkin fast but I seriously Love every day! I wake up happy EVERY DAY! its the best! Hope you all enjoyed my letters! (chelsea yours is coming)

Hermana Nielsen