Monday, April 13, 2015

A Tomato a Day Keeps the Doctor Away‏

HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im sooooooooo excited!! Thats sooo crazy!!! And sooo perfect for him!! And my other Native brother is going to whatever that place is called.  Adriatic Mission? Im so excited for BOTH of them! Loved the pictures! Thats soo exciting! Not sure how I feel about giving my homecoming talk on his farwell. Yikes. phew im still filled with just so much adrenaline.. Felicidades Cody and Jacob!
  Alright now I'm gonna have to try and refocus, so sorry if this doesnt make any sense. We had a great week! LAst monday for pday we went to this mall on the beach! It was soo pretty. That postcard I sent Cody, yeah thats where we were. Or really close. We just kind of walked around and looked at things. It was expensive but it was beautiful! Then Tuesday I went on exchanges with Hna Alvarez back to my old area in San Juan. I had never actaully met her but everyone says she is crazy and has mental problems and laughs uncontrollably and all her companions have struggled with her. so I was kind of scared going into it. But it was THE BEST! I dont know if it was a good day for her or something but we had sooo much fun! She did laugh a lot but I was laughing right along side her so it felt normal. We had a super great time. I enjoyed every second with her and it was a nice break from my area. I could completely be myself with her. IN the morning we woke up at 6 cause they all go and workout in this one place that has a track and what not. Basically the whole zone goes and workouts together. So I ran around the track. I had just completed 2.5 miles when all the elders asked if I wanted to race. I agreed. The race was just 1 lap around the track. So it was me and a bunch of Elders. They all took off sprinting, I ran it like I would a 400m in track They were all just a little in front of me then the last 200m I passed them all and ended up coming in a close 2nd. haha, of course elders never expect this of Hermanas so I earned a lot of respect haha. I just left out telling them the fact that I was a 400 runner. ha but it was suuper fun! I really enjoyed my exchange.

   ALright now for what's going on in the lords vineyard here in CHorillos.. 
Our invest Jesus who had a baptism date fell through.. WE haven't been able to meet with him for 2 weeks and he didn't come to church. His whole family are members so were not giving up but were gonna give him some space until he is more commited to make sacrifices to meet with us and go to church. kinda sad... 
Leonardo is doing great! Its a slow process but now he catches himself saying and answering questions with God as the answer even though he still says he doesn't believe. But he is a lot more comfortable talking to us about it and really wants to believe it. He just wants too many signs and doesn't understand the faith in the process. But we see him everyday because his mom is our pension so we are becoming better friends and he trusts us a little more. Poco a poca con El. WE also met a guy named Micheal this week. He showed up at a less actives house and joined the lesson. HE had tons of questions and lots of opinions. He didn't do much listening when we answered them and was kind of rude, but wanted to keep learning, and showed up again the second lesson in the less actives house. SO I guess he really is serious. We´ll see what happens with him. WE also contacted a reference, she was from another church and basically told us really nicely she would not accept our visits, so we explained the book of mormon she had lots of questions and at the end we asked if we could leave a copy with her, and she would not accept it. We kept fighting it a little. But she would NOT accept it. Just makes me think a little afterwards. She was soo agaisnst it. SHe wouldnt even accept it or touch it. I think its cause people are scared to know if it might be true. Cause they don't want to change. But we just bore testimony of it and left. I Love the book of mormon and it breaks my heart when people wont even try it.. 
 We met Carmen, a new invest. SHe is super awesome! Everything she said was just perfect. She is super religious and prays with her husband already as well as save sundays for thier family day so they can all be home! SHe was super excited to hear our message and learn more. Sunday we passed by again and her husband answered. He wasn't as thrilled when we met him and said they were busy... But Tengo fe! We're gonna teach thier whole family! They seem super great!

Other then that I still dont know our area and it stresses me out alot. This is the first area I've struggled with. I feel like I know no one and haven't contributed as much as I need to be. I kind of got a slice of humble pie this week. Many times. And realized I need to rely more on Heavnely help as well as the enabling power of the atonement. It was a good wake up for me and I hope to see some changes in this next week!

I love being a missionary! IM so excited for CODY!! I'm healthy and I'M happy!! and I love you alll! Have a great week!!!
Hermanita Nielsen

Fun fact. I eat tomatoes literally EVERYDAY. And I eat them like an apple. hahaha 

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