Monday, February 16, 2015

Be Happy. Healthy. Hopeful.‏

Hey my lovely Family!
This was a super growing week for me but I loved every bit of it! I kind of sturggled at first, I just felt this huge pressure on my shoulders to get our numbers up in our area. We having been doing great in family history but our area is suffering. One of the assistants called me to ask what was going on. Kind of embarrassing. It made me feel super bad, so I was determined to have a better week. Everyday before we left the house I would say a personal prayer by myself before our companion prayer, and just prayed to be guided to where we needed to go to find and have success. Then as we walked I tried extra hard to just focus on where we were going and what we could do. with just a constant prayer in my head. And it was amazing to see where we were lead. WE found tons of less actives we have been searching for forever! and we recieved so many references and just went from house to house. Alot was just making appointments to come back but I still felt like we were getting somewhere. We talked to everyone. My companion said her biggest fear is talking to people so I'm determined to crack it, so we made high goals to just talk to everyone! We found 3 new investagators! It was amazing! Annnnnnnd... We put one with a baptismal date!! I haven't had a person with a baptismal date since august... so I was suuuper excited! She is only 17 but she just understood everything so quickly and just got it! Her name is Estefani. So we will be working with her. She even went to the youth valentines dance on saturday! haha After the day ended I was just in shock with all that had happened. Heavenly Father is soo good. And he helped us so much. I was so grateful! 

Next family history.. So my companion has never worked in family history before so I was super excited to get to train her and teach her everything so we get there and I was kind of showing her a few things then she told me she has never really used a computer before. She didnt even know how to shut it down or turn it on. She had facebook of her phone but that was it back home. Her companions have to help her get into her email every week! I was just thinking the whole time Oh boy.. this will be fun. So we´ve been taking it nice and close. How to use copy and paste. The left and right click on the mouse. Then we´ll get into the how to use family search. So thats bee a real test of my patience this week trying to do everything and help her learn at the same time. But she´ll get it. And it will be soemthing she will need after the mission so im glad to help. She also had nothin on her family tree but her parents so we are working on getting her family history all complete too. I just keep telling how blessed she is to be learning all this. Im just worried because I will probably only have 6 more weeks here and I gotta get her to the piont where she can take over everything! But yeah its great. I love her! She is kind of shy but suuuper sarcastic. Which totally throws me off sometimes cause I can never tell if she is serious. But we are having fun together!  

During one of the lessons we watched the video I cant remember what its called but its about a family that had to sacrifice  and save for 4 years to go to the temple. Its a mormon message. Well earlier Hna Peña had told me her family isnt sealed yet and that they are making plans for when she gets home. While she was watching it I noticed her starting to tear up and as I watched it too and thought about her and her family it kind of made me tear up. Its so amazing to see what people sacrifice in other countries for temple covenants and eternal families. Im so grateful to have Hna Peña here and watch how her testimony of temples and family history grows. As it has with mine. And when she can be sealed with her family it will mean that much more because she will understand it. I just love what we do!

So with a little bit of what I mentioned at the beginning I think it just kind of hit me this week how my time is running out as a missionary. I feel there is still so much to do. And I really felt the pressure this week to get it all done and not waste any time. Its scarying me how fast the end is coming and Im not ready at all. There´s only a few minutes left in my 3rd quarter! something I read this morning that I liked from Parley p pratt when he said.´Í have all eternity before me, in which to enjoy myself´  This is only s short time I have to be a ful time servant and Im running out of this precious time. Im giving everything til the end. Also I choose a christlike attribute for every cambio and this cambio is Hope. So I will be trying to learn to develop this attribute this next 5 weeks. I love being a missionary! I love what I do everyday! Im happy, Im healthy and im Hopeful!

I hope you have a great week with amber home! 
Hermana Nielsen

ps, for valentines day presidente gave us flowers and chocolate :)

From Sis Bott's email: I do have to say that I miss hermana Nielsen a ton. She is litterally like my sister... I didnt realize how much I missed her until this past week. I bought her her favorite peanuts to send her but then it made me a little meloncholoy because I wasnt there to eat them with her... But, its ok Ill see her sometime! I love her SOOOO much. 

We have the cutest story about a family that went to the temple just this last trip! This is Julio and Ivett. They were baptized last August. They have one daughter and one of the way. They came in to family history for a lesson and from the very first lesson wanted to go on this temple trip. They obviuously arent the most well off and so they made this jar and started saving for the temple! We knew nothing about it til the elders told us about it then we begged for a picture of it and with them! They went to the temple on the 31 of january and brought thier little daughter too and a member from Villa El Salvador watched her. It was just the cutest thing ever and the perfect example of faith and sacrifice! We had to share it and show you all the pictures! 

-Hermana Nielsen
 Hermana Bott

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