Monday, May 19, 2014

I love being a missionary!‏

Bueno, this was an AWWEEESOME week! and can you believe im already turning 5? yikes... I hate how fast its going! So in all my personal study last week and at the beginning of this week I focused on the spirit, and how to have it with us and how to recognize it, so we could be guided by it. And in reality really all it is is just doing what you are suppose to. We were so guided this week, without even knowing it, he really just lead us to those people. First story is that we picked a name from our future investigator list from the previous missionaries just to try to find some new people to teach, we contacted her and just shared something in the doorway, later that way we contacted a guy in a motor had said he had listened to missionaries before and wanted to again, so he gave us his address, and as we were looking for it, it was the same house! he was the husband of the lady we had chose, so then we knew there was something special with this family. we had a great lesson with the whole family, their daughter was super interested and wants to be baptized but isn't married so were working with that, the parents have been a little harder but we still feel there is a reason we ran into both of them that week. Also we visited with 2 other less actives and one had just lost a brother the day before and said how she felt so alone and how she really needed our visit, the other was really sick and the same thing she just felt alone and also really appreciated our visit, it was just so cool to see that heavenly father loves them and knows what their going through and through us he shows that love, and its such a privilege to know he works through us.

 Next miracle! I don't know if i have shared this story but Luis one of my investigators since my first week i was here is finally getting baptized, this week! His mom was super against it so we didn't have permission, but he comes to church every week and reads everyday! And this week his mom finally had a change of heart and told him he could! Prayer and fasting works!! We are so happy! He will be baptized with Andrea and jhastin this week, they are the two neighbor kids we live with sorta. The same family we have fam scrip study with every night. Which is another cool story. its all just one big family that all live side by side, and they are all less active. and this Sunday we had ALL of them go to church! It was sooo great! Oh yeah and this Sunday was stake conference so we had to travel an hour to canete for the meeting, and they had all the members of mala meet and then we took vans. we squeezed 41 people in a 25 person van. IT WAS SO PACKED! but it was so fun we sang hymns as we drove the hour drive. there was about 3 kids on every lap, haha. it was great! but the whole family Escobar came! Then after church when we came home we could hear them listening to conference talk, cause our house is connected, they have changed so much, and you can just see they are all so much happy. Its really making me nervous with transfers in 2 weeks, I love this family sooo much! But yeah we had a great week, and Im loving what im doing more and more as the weeks go on. Im happier then ive ever been! This church is so true! and the change it brings to families in amazing and indescribable! I love you guys lots! Have  a great week! share the gospel!
hermana Nielsen

These kids are basically my little brothers and sisters, they all live in the house next to us and two are getting baptized this weekend!!

our matching shirts for some political person hna blanca gave us. haha. with our peruvian pants. 

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