Monday, August 11, 2014

The spirit is KEY!!‏

well well well... this week when by suppper fast, holy smokes. First off i forgot to tell you guys I FINISHED READING EL LIBRO DE MORMON like 3 weeks ago, I now know its true in spanish too ;) 

so some sad news.. flor our lessactive/investo told us she wanted some time to think about if this is what she really wants. so we are giving her a break, I was super sad.. She was doing sooo good! she went to church 3 weeks in a row and was reading the BOM and praying.. she said she just wished she could take all the things from our church and have then in the cathlotic church... meh.. but we will visit her in a few weeks and hopefully she will feel the difference with this break.

Jaime is doing awesome! He fasted with us and payed a fast offering! I talk to president today about his situation with him wife, and we both agreed we needed to work with trying to get them to get back together and married, because our vision is the temple with an eternal family not just baptism. so we are praying for a miracle with him! He is doing so awesome though, the atonement is soo real! and has completely changed him!

So with Maurico this week he has been struggling with knowing he has recieved an answer that these things are true, he knows they are good but he wants to be more sure. So as I was praying for him saturday night i was praying to know how we could help him, and then as i prayed that the spirit would testify to him that these things he is hearing and learning are true it just kind of hit me! He needs to feel the spirit, i literally just stopped my prayer and had to end it cause I couldnt contiue any more thoughts about anything else so i just sat there thinking about it and the role of the spirit, then I was just kind of meditating over my thoughts and i looked at the picture of whiteny and i on my wall, and i started thinking back to the lessons we had with her. And how her big thing was the spirit, thats why she progressed so fast is cause she felt the spirit, then i started thinking about how every lesson we had with her the spirit was suuuuper strong, probably the strongest ive ever felt it in my whole life. And that alone was the answer, i remember those feelings perfectly. Then it started to bother me how every lesson we had with whitney the spirit was over whelming but here in my mission Ive yet to have a lesson THAT powerful, I couldnt stop thinking about it, and i couldnt sleep all night. I talk to my companion in the morning and said we have to make sure we do everything we can to have that strong spirit we havent had a lesson with him yet, but thats our goal. The spirit is so key, and its not something we are lacking, its there but its not as powerful as it was with whitney,. so thats been my new goal to have those lessons be like how they were when we were teaching whitney. 
 TOOONS of thoughts this week, and thats not even the beginning of it.. Im learning sooo much! I LOOOOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! Everything about it! 

Hermana Nielsen

ps, Shoutout to Chelsea Decker and Elder Steflik, thanks for the letters!!! :)

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