Monday, March 24, 2014


some castle in Canete  :)

Alright Family..
Gonna try and get in everything i can in the little time i have.. 
First off a few little things I dont think I ever got to mention that I've been meaning to tell yeah. I met Hermana Cook, Our cousins wife´s sister. ha, and when I first met her she said she was told to say she had already heard about my reputation, I didn't understand at first then she said cause your a Nielsen, ha. 
 2nd is that its a rule here that we aren't allowed to play soccer.. I dont think i ever mentioned that... so yeah BOO! ;( its really hard. especially from going from the CCM to none at all. So my soccer skills will have to wait.. BUT there might not be a need for it anyways considering I've gained 21LBS! yep that's right I now weight 176... Hermana galo has gain 25 too, so I dont feel as bad, but yeah so this week we are skipping lunches and only eating fruit. So hopefully that improves our problem. YIKES! 
  3rd is that I have Grandpa Nielsen to thank for preparing me for my mission, because we dont serve ourselves here THEY SERVE YOU, and its grandpa servings, a little bit is NOT a little bit. And you are expected to eat it all! Also eating everything even when its expired or a little moldy... haha so yeah grandpa Nielsen prepared me very well for my mission ha.
AS far as my spanish, I Have a Liahona they gave us with all the general conference talks so I read that in all my spare time. I'm to the point where I can understand anything that I read, but I still dont have all the words memorized or the sentence patterns, so my speaking is still a little rough... but its coming.

As far as this weeks go we have 2 new investigators that CAME TO US! we were in the church and they just wondered in and asked about our church and asked to learn more! both in 2 different nights! so that was a HUGE miracle! cause we have been praying to find people who are Ready. Well I'm out of time but i LOVE YOU GUYS LOTS!!!
Hermana Nielsen

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