Monday, March 17, 2014

The thing I do have Control of is ME!‏


Welp nothing too crazy happened this week but yes we did feel the earthquake pretty strong. well.. my companion did. It was in the middle of the night, I was in the middle of a lesson in my dream haha (no I haven't had any Spanish dreams yet. they are kind of just language less, because i cant remember them being in English either) but then i just hear ¨Hermana Nielsen!!¨ Then I woke up and kind of basically got shook out of bed and we went to the doorway but it soon settled down. We went back to sleep, and I guess a couple minutes later the Elder had ran from their house to our room to check on us, but I slept through the whole thing ha.

    Combios were last week, and we got a new Gringa in our zone! WOOHOO! I was really excited. Her name is Hermana Bott from Utah. She had entered the CCM right after I left so she knew all my friends I had left behind so it was cool to catch up on how they finished their time in the CCM. She also is like me and knows nada Spanish! So it was nice being able to give some advice and feel like I knew what I was talking about. ha. But she has a gringo companion so she can actually communicate with her companion and know whats going on after everything, but I feel like its a disadvantage in learning Spanish faster. But its harder and I can see how some people wouldn't make it through it. I had some questionable days, and im ´emotionless Hermana Nielsen´ so I cant imagine for a normal person´s emotions how it must be. ha

Yesterday I met Hermana Ali! The Hermana with the blog dad and I read. Oh I think I forgot to mention this but she served 6 months here in Mala too! during the time we were reading her emails! But she finished her mission and was stopping in all her old areas with her mom for her last visits. She is a great missionary and is famous in Mala. All the members talks about her so it was so fun to finally meet her!;)
Another quick random thing I haven't ever had time to tell you guys about is that I get so many compliments on my eyes here. its nice ;) haha. Always, the first thing people say to me when we meet for the first time ¨oh tiene ojos bonitas¨ ha

Also I just finished the talked  amber gave me called´the 4th missionary´ and it was a huge slap to the face how I've been doing everything wrong. Spanish is super hard for me and only being able to share a few sentences in lessons is not very fun. So I wasn't really enjoying things at first, and I kind of just set my mind at ´´Oh things will be better and Ill be happy when I know spanish perfectly and can speak it´ Yeah nope.I have to give my heart and my mind and enjoy it. I learned so much from that talk and I wrote down all my goals of who I want to become from my mission. so I'm learning a ton right now for myself and about myself, this beginning part is defiantly the getting ´hermana nielsen´ into shape, so when I do know the language and can speak I will hopefully be closer to the person I want to become. Who I am and what I think and the desires of my heart are things I do have control of right now, so they are the things I am going to focus on. The language will come later. I pray really soon though! :)
I love you guys soo much! It defiantly was blessing to be apart of such a missionary oriented and strong family. Im SOOO glad I get to be with you guys FOR ETERNITY!!! :)

Hermana Nielsen

guessssss what!!!! I GOT MY FIRST .EVER. CELLPHONE THIS WEEK! haha we were a little excited! haha

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