Monday, September 8, 2014

GAME PLAN: Temple‏

CHips Peru flavored???


GUESS WHAT??!! The familia Gallegos went to the temple to do baptisms for 30 names from there family!!!!! no i couldnt go... yeah you'd think with this new calling Id be able to, but I felt bad asking cause the Hermanas in Mala that helped them find the names could go. But It was such great news! I'm so happy for them and how much they are progressing! Also the hermana in Mala told me Luis is passing the sacretment every week and going out with the missionaries a ton! That kind of news is better then Christmas for a missionary! SOOO FELIZ!

SO ive been thinking alot about this new calling and realized all the hints id had earlier that this is where I need to be. First back in Mala I remember reading a missionaries letter and they said that the work is hastening on both sides, and that always stayed in the back of my mind. Then with the Rosa in Mala with her son that had passed about we talked alot with her about family history in the charcla that day, then in VIlla when I was asked to give a talk, and got to pick my topic, I chose family history. yeah of all the things to talk about? Then finally 2 weeks before transfers we had a family history training in the stake we went to and there was a video that just totally motivated me. (  and afterwards I told Hermana Jimenez i wanna do family history. but it was funny cause i said but not now, but after my mission yes! then i got called here, so yeah I know this is where I need to be. 

SO for this week not gonna lie i was a little compo homesick, yeah right after i explain that this is where i need to be, its just a huge change in work and im not use to it yet, but hermana cook got sick so we traded companions and I got to go out and work and it was soooo greeat! I missed walking all day and teaching! so that was a blessing for me! haha not for her. 

thats all i got for this week! I love you all soooo much!
Hermana Nielsen
Ps, My companion makes me Banana liquados every morning...  I love her!!

Pictures: The hermanas of our ward,  from Ecuardo, Columbia, and chile. They like picking on the gringa.

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