Tuesday, January 21, 2014


AH so like always NO TIEMPO! so many poeple email me! and i dont even reply it just takes that long to read! haha but im not complaining. but yeah just another week at the ccm.. This one was kind of fast and unproductive i felt like. I feel like i didnt learn anything new and my spanish was exactly the same so that was super frustrating and with this being my LAST week  in the ccm im trying to go full out!! And not waste any time and learn learn and get my spanish. But its getting there. slowly but surely.
 The next time you hear from me though ill be IN Lima sur!!! YIKES!!
Oh I do have something I can share with you, so two of the sisters here DO NOT get along. LiKE at all! ANd its really bad, and they just yell at each other all day long. So as a sister leader I have been talking to them individually and helping them get over it. So i at first just let her vent it all out and just get everything out then after she had complained as much as she could, i said alright now tell me 5 things you like about her and it completely through her off and she had to think super hard and she came up with only like 3, so i told her okay then tomorrow you have to go about your day and find those other 2 things you liked about her and come and report to me tomorrow. Then i shared with her about how my first week i had trouble with Hermana Sisson and that everynight in my journal I made myself write 5 things I liked about her for an entire week, just so i would have to keep notcing and looking for the possitive in her. Then yesterday she came and reported and came up with her two other reasons and said it helped a ton! I had also suggested to her that she should get a blessing to help her get through all this, and then she said how her companion had gotten one because of her knee and how she so badly wanted one. Then i offered that one of our Elders in my district could do it cause she didnt get along with her either. Then she said that would be super nice. So the next day I asked Elder John and he was like wow, I actually got the feeling ramdonly last night that we should give her a blessing. SO yeah thats how awesome my district is. haha but yeah so she got a blessing and Elder John said it was one of the most powerful ones he has ever given, I wasnt there cause the hermana didnt want anyone there. but yeah cool story!
thats about all I got sorry. Oh and yeah the picture is of the kid who played in college. Elder caprio. Hes way cool and is teaching me some of his skills! ha.
LOVE YOU GUYS!! Tell cody to keep it up on the court!


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