Monday, March 31, 2014


So before I forget at the end of this, send me pictures preetty please! Through emails I mean, I miss seeing all your gorgeous faces and I love seeing what your up to through pictures. Chelsea does a great job with sending me pictures and I LOVE it! 

So something I dont think I ever told you guys is that Hermana Galo comes from a missionary family too! Both her parents served missions, her older sister served in Guatemala, but is home now. Her other older sister is now serving in Columbia and her little sister just started her mission in Brazil! 3 missionaries out in there family! crazy crazy blessings they are getting. ha but yeah I LOVE HER and am super sad because she will most likely be getting transferred in 3 weeks. Then i will be expected to lead the area. YIKES! 

So this week was a little rough, no one was home or was either too busy and  by the end of every day we realized we had only taught 2 lessons, with that meant tons of walking so we were exhausted too. Our baptism with Alexandra didn't fall through, no matter how much we tried to talk her back into it or all the scriptures we tried, then on Sunday we only had uno investigator in the capilla... BOO.. BUT, we did still receive one miracle Sunday night! We ran into a family outside their house and started talking to them and they were super interested, and had tons of questions we were able to answer.Its so cool being able to use the Book of Mormon and the bible to explain how and how our church has all the correct doctrines and principles that Christ´s church had, you can just see it in their faces when they are like ´oh that makes so much sense´ I LOVE IT! 

So remember that awesome guy we found in the church one night. well he is progressing rapidly aw he is so awesome! Ricardo is his name, but we found out he is not in our area so we had to give him to the Elders... triste. But hopefully with These news ones we can have just as much sucess!

I Love you guys ton! and I Love Peru! Its so beautiful here, and the people are so awesome.I love being a missionary and learning so much every day. Personal study is serious one of the best things about being a missionary, an hour is not nearly enough time, I love learning more and being able to explain to people about this gospel, even in my broken spanish. which is coming along, they understand me and I can express most of my thoughts but i know its not totally correct yet. But everyone always tells me how much better im getting so that is great. And me and Hermana Galo yack all day long just fine now. But I understand her better then anyone else so that doesn't count. But yeah. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY AND I LOVE PERU!
Hope you have a great week!
Hermana Nielsen

we redid a members roof.
Hey dad we should invest in a Peruvian roof, it only takes 2 hours to re due haha chiste! 

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