Tuesday, August 26, 2014

irè y harè....‏

Hey there family!

Wow where do I even begin... I guess ill go in order.
I SAW THE ESPINELS!!! They are all sooo big now! We had a great little visit, we went to hna kellys house and talked for a little while just catching up. About all those good times working putting the lawn down at thier house in Elko and having a mud fight, the time dad killed there fish. jajaja. and they still remember moms brownies. We talked about all the old missionaries that had taught them, sister little and sister judd, elder prettyman. It was so cool being able to talk to them in spanish! Then I asked if I could share a message with them before they left. They remembered everything about the book of mormon and Joseph Smith, I basically just told them and explained why I was in peru and why I chose to come here and share this gospel. And how with them being friends to me meant so much more to be able to share it with them, and just bore my testimony about how much I love being a member of this church and how much I love being a missionaries and seeing it change families.We then shared a little of lesson 1 read a few scriptures. ANd I invited them to read the book of mormon again. I wrote my testimony in one and gave it to renato to take to college, and made him commit to reading it. ;) It was a super super cool experience! They are a great family and I know someday will find the gospel in thier lives! 

So hna J and I knew combios were coming, and we both made the goal we needed to leave the area better then how we found it meaning have people progressing that if a new companionship came theyd be able to have something to work with, which totally backfired when I found out I was being changed, because we found a FAMILY this week! ANd she came to church! WE also found a single mom that came with her 2 kids who also came to church! Sunday we also were told we had talks that we didnt know about.. lucky being a missionary we are pretty good at always having something to teach. I talked about testimony and how we needed to be strong and imovable in our beliefs even when those people in the great as spacious building point and make fun of us.

So every combio I have a chirstlike attribute I strive to become and this combio was charity and really finding the pure love of christ. And oh boy did I find it here in Villa El Salvador, I LOOOOOOOOOOVE all the members and all our investagators! as I bore my testimony for the last time to all the members and thanked them for all that I had learned from them and that I would be serving in a new area, it hit it.. I cried.... mehhh im so ashamed, but yes i did. I LOVE VILLA EL SALVADOR!

They threw me a suprise going away party with a cake!! IM now serving in san juan in institute.. not sure how i feel about that. ill explain more about it next week.. but now i love you all!!!!! 
Hermana Nielsen

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