Tuesday, April 29, 2014

holy moly...‏

wow wow wow... is about all I have to say. This week by far has been the best week of my mission. I cant even begin to describe how awesome Hna Cortez is, she´s got something cause we have had more success then ever, and families we have been trying to teach my entire time here let us in with open arms, I was like wait is this the right house.. SHe is good luck or something.This week we had 18 lessons with members and 16 with less actives and recent converts. How, I have no clue. AND we traveled one day and didn't work Sunday cause hna Cortez was throwing up. so all that in 5 days. Yeah it still blows me away. I just feel like we are both on the same page, she is like me where she wants to make sure they stay in the church, I knew what I wanted but Hermana Cortez knows how to do it, and its working! She is really teaching me how to teach the people and not just the required lessons. I wish I had more time to talk about it. But yeah she is awesome, and I'm completely changed as a missionary in this last week. AND I'M HAVING FUN! Its so much more fun this way! Ah yeah things are so great! ha

So with the family we are reading the book of Mormon with has turned out to be a huge success. I didn't realize how much i missed family scripture study, we read with them every night now at 8 30 and we live with them so its perfect. One night a friend was over and read with us, and he was really interested we gave him a pamphlet and invited him to read the next day too. The next day he came back and had read the whole thing and wanted to know more, he also kept saying him and his people, we finally asked who was his people, and he said he lived over the huge hill in a tiny community and that they all wanted us to come and teach them too. We are still not sure if this is real or exist cause its not technically our areas, So we are not really sure if we should be excited or scared... haha but he came to church and we are inviting him to be baptized this week!

Everything is just going so perfectly, we were so blessed with a week of miracles, and I LOVE what im doing right now as a missionary! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


HAPPY EASTER! Looking and sounds like it was a fun simple family time kind of day. Easter doesn't really exist here. Or how it does in the states. We didn't do anything special or even have church talks about anything so I completely forgot it was even Easter. Kind of sad, but its all good. 
   So this was a crazy week! First on Tuesday we got word that we were having Emergency transfers, which we were kind of expecting because some chico in the ward admitted his feelings for hna galo and so she had to tell president, and the kid had just had his interview with president for his mission so that must have been awkward too. haha. Then Wednesday we traveled to Lima for Migration, Im official in Peru finally! Got my Peruvian Id and everything. ;) And we didn't get robbed this time thank goodness. 
 That night Hna Galo said all her goodbyes to all the members and converts, then we left for Lima again Thursday morning. My new companion is Hermana Cortez de Texas. She´s been out 11 months and speaks super good spanish, her grandparents are Mexican so she had known a little before. She actually roomed with Tori ackerman at BYU too, ha. BUT SHE IS AWESOME! I learned more from her in my first 2 days then I think I did in all my 2 transfers of training. which yeah by the way, IM OFFICAL NOW! All done with my training! YAY! But yeah shes awesome, she teaches so well and the spirit is soo much more powerful in the lessons then we had had in the past with hna Galo. Hermana Galo was great but she´s one only one month older then me in the mission so she was still learning everything too. IM SO excited for this next cambio! I was super nervous to lead the area but I can actually see how much it has helped! Im way more confident in my spanish and in my teaching. I finally feel apart of the work and like I'm contributing to their progression. Its finally starting to become FUN! I struggled for a while trying to find the fun. I made it through preseason in the ccm and now it game time in the field, I was on the team but sitting the bench watching it all happen, id get my few minutes here and there but never scored any points, Iwas a bench warmer. which as we all know is not fun, and something I do not like. And now I feel like im actually playing and scoring points and helping win! Which is FUN! :)

Cool experience real quick, the family we live with is inactive and 2 of the kids are not baptized yet, every missionary that has come through Mala had been working with them, but last night we had a lesson and it was the WHOLE family which has never happened since I was here. My companion started with praying as a family, then when it was my turn to talk I saw that they had one of the papers they passed out at church on the table and it was a family goal to read the book of Mormon 15 minutes a day and finish by the end of the year, I gabbed it and started talking about it and explaining it then shared my experience with our family and how as a child of the family I could see the difference it made in the home and between us siblings and bore my testimony of it. then we closed with a prayer and then as we were leaving I had a thought come to mind that we needed to read with them right then. so I asked if we could start with them right now. then we all read 2 versus each and  they asked us to come read with them the next night again, so we are super excited and they are too! It was so great! probably one of the coolest experiences so far!
Well I love you all so much! have a great week!!!

Hermana Nielsen

Monday, April 14, 2014

A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down‏

Buenas Dias mi familia!

Well this was an interesting week, it was a slow start but we came out on top!
Monday morning hna galo and I ran, and i felt way more tired then usual, and my legs just ached, then we emailed and during lunchI started getting a headache, I knew it was just because i was dehydrated so I endured through the rest of the day. For pday we went to a zoo, which was actually pretty cool, only had like a few monkeys, llamas and lizards but had cool spots for pictures. ha. We also hiked to this white Jesus statue on top of a hill it wasnt very far but my head was throbbing and my legs felt like they would give out any minute, but being stubborn I didnt tell anyone and just kept going. I made it through the entire day, but after we got off the bus and started walking home the pain and throbbing was getting really bad, I told myself it was just a test to see if id still work through the pain, but when we reached our house I layed down for a sec and i had never had my head hurt so bad before. My head also felt like it was on fire so i was trying to cool off with water and the throbbing kept getting more and more stronger. I was literally laying on my bed tossing and turning moaning trying to find a spot where it didnt hurt, but it didn't stop. hna galo called the elders to come give me a blessing, afterwards i was able to relax enough and fell asleep and the pain left.BUT then that night I woke up with diarrhea. So that took up the rest of the night... 

   The next day was interviews with president. My head still was throbbing a little bit but was bearable, but during my interview i was just fine then all of a sudden i had a huge heat flash, and i just broke out in a down pour of sweat out of no where! literally sweating like i would in a basketball game. My neck and face. President obviously stopped and asked what was wrong and then said i had a fever so the rest the interview he played doctor and told me what i needed to do to get better... i was super bummed my interview got ruined... 
OH and I had to chug this nasty electro water stuff... A TON OF IT! It tasted like sugared saliva... 

 So I wasn't allowed to go out and work that night, which  was a blessing cause I had diarrhea again and wouldn't have been able to anyways. ha ha. its passed I can laugh about it now. ha. but heavenly father is so giving and blessed us with an opportunity to still work! The member we live with asked us to come over and share a lesson with her friend she had over, so technically we didn't leave the house ;) And he ended up becoming a new investigator! WOO! I was really happy cause I felt so guilty.

Then Wednesday. Oh man Heavenly Father blessed us so much. We were able to make up for our lost time in those 2 days, and had a VERY successful day! AHH im out of time. but we also had an intercambio with hna rivera again. I LOVE HER SO MUCH! and learn so much from her every time. Well I Love you guys! This is my last week with Hna Galo, cause changes are next monday. Hope all is well!
Hermana Nielsen

Monday, April 7, 2014

I thank thee oh God for a PROPHET ..and Conference!‏

First of all, I just want to say how happy and proud I am to call you guys my family. Especially mom and dad, you guys have raised me and our family so well and I am so thankful for all the late night family scripture study, even when  I was asleep or wanted to go out with friends and for having family prayer every morning and night. It was a thought that came to mind during conference. A lot about building strong foundations because things are about to start and are getting rough in the world and we have to hold strong to our standards and I'm just so thankful i was raised in a home where i could build my strong foundation. SO THANKYOU GUYS! 

   Speaking of conference. WASNT IT SOOO GOOD!? I was able to watch saturday in English which I thought was the best sessions, but probably because sunday was in spanish with english subtitles that were super fast and i couldnt read quick enough and it was also 2 sentences behind the spanish so that through me off when i did understand parts and i also couldnt take notes and read at the same time. But i agree Bednard´s was one of my favorites! and also Elder Andersen´s. So great! And it was awesome cause this week basically all we did was just teach about prophets and testify that we do have a living prophet today and give out invitations. we had 7 investagators come! ANd im so excited this week to go and hear about what they thought! 

Other then that the only big news, which is pretty big, is that FAmilly Gallegos has a date for MARRIAGE! may 10th! as soon as they are married the parents can be baptized finally with their kids! They are so awesome! I feel like home when I'm in their house. I also always think to myself, Man dad would LOVE this family and can just picture how obsessed he would be with loving them haha. Their dad is a big jokster too so dad and him would be great friends! haha. But yeah we are really excited for that. Its after Hna Galo gets transferred so she is really sad, but hopefully we can both  be there when they get sealed as a family in the temple! 

Well that's all I can think of for this week. I love ya guys sooo much! I saw a few pics from the Choralier trips, Cody looking pretty stud like as always! ha. Hope you have a great week! 
Hermana Nielsen