Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY 2014!!!

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Holy smokes I have so much to tell you but NEVER enough time so here I go. First of all, last week, which seems like FOREVER AGO, Elder Wilde in our district went home. And it was sooo hard. It literally felt like a piece of our family was taken away. It had only been a week but we had grown so close and since it was only the 5 of us we were all just best friends. He didn’t go into details but he had talked to us about how he was having a hard time with being away from home and said he went to bed of a wet pillow every night (crying) and he just missed his family a lot and he was struggling with Spanish a lot because he was kind of shy and it definitely put him out of his comfort zone. He’s only 18 though so he said he really wants to try again when he is ready. I really hope he does. He was such a good kid and just so sweet. He shared his testimony with us and we had a district prayer as well as gave him a blessing before he left. It was so hard. I just wanted to beg him to stay, tell him he could do it! But I knew that wasn’t my place and he had been meeting with pres Cardon so I needed to trust pres Cardon’s decision. UGH. It still just breaks my heart seeing him go home.
   So that was a rough start to the week, and we were all pretty upset for a couple of days. But we have to move on with out him. My companion and I have gotten along better this week, we’ve always gotten along pretty fine. But she doesn’t try as far as working goes. I finally had to get on her and say she was never gonna learn Spanish until she forced herself to speak it. Because in our lessons she just speaks in English when we are suppose to be doing it all in Spanish. She kind of ignored me for the rest of the day but she has been trying a lot harder lately, THANK GOODNESS! So our lessons are going a lot better.
  Classes were about the same as usual. We aren’t allowed to speak English in class anymore so it’s all in Spanish, its super frustrating but I can see the improvements I’m making. Saturday we got to go proselytizing AND IT WAS A BLAST!!! BEST experience yet! For one we got paired up with a new companion and mine was a cute little Latina from Equador and she spoke no English but I was able to still talk to her. We got assigned some less actives to go teach so we got to walk around lima! For reals! It was a pretty nice neighborhood compared to the others people got send to. But we knocked on doors, I was able to introduce myself in Spanish as well as say the opening prayer and bear my testimony at the end, the rest my companion took care of, but I was for the most part able to understand what they were talking about. It was so cool and I loved that it was REAL missionary work! But my companion was a boss, she talked to everyone! She’d look at me and nod at someone and I’d just nod back and we’d go up and start talking to strangers we met on our way to the other houses. We ended up getting 5 new contacts with strangers and got there number to turn into the missionaries in the area. Yep we basically rocked it. I LOVED HER! We agreed (in our charades/ Spanish communication) that we were the perfect companionship and that we wished we could be companions, cause she said that she felt like she was dragging her companion behind her too. Ah I just loved her so much, we bonded so much! She is serving in Bolivia though.. :( I got her email so we will keep in touch though. But yeah such a cool experience to be in real Spanish discussions.
   On Sunday the older district above us and all the Latinos left for the field. They were a pretty big group. So it is literally just my district and the district of 3 elders above us left (we call them the 3 Nephites) but yeah so a total of 7 missionaries in ALL THE CCM right now. Hermana Sission and I are the ONLY girls! Its so weird, we have the entire girls hall to ourselves. Its kind of lonely and looks like a ghost town. And we are only getting 2 new sisters at the end of this week. So we will still be really small. It was so sad to see them go. I stayed up talking till 2 the night they left with one of the sisters I was really close with. We shared a room so we got pretty close, her name is Hermana Reynolds from New Mexico, I don’t know what part, she is a convert to the church and is just super awesome. she is 21 years old and 5´0 haha. And I had to say goodbye to all my Latinos elders. They were soo cool! I got all their emails though. Ha. So I guess in Spanish they don’t use the phrase ´what in the world¨ so we taught all the Latinos to say it, its so funny! Its everyone’s knew saying around here ´que en el Mundó¨ its great!
   and I guess that leaves us to today, since there is only 7 of us the ccm pres and his wife took us to the beach! As well as the capitol building and we got to tour all the different things around there, we went into a huge cathedral, it was sooo pretty and so detailed, and underneath it they had catacombs we got to go see where 25,000 bodies were buried and we got to see the bodies, of course they were only bones but it was crazy! So so many all just pilled on top of each others, the skulls were the coolest part. but yeah it was a lot of fun and a great way to start the new year.
  That’s all I can think of... I love you guys and I LOVE being here. No where else id rather be! I’m so jealous you got to talk to Amber! Have a great weeek!
Con amor!
Hermana Nielsen

For our pday today since there is only 7 of us missionaries in the entire ccm because all the others left for the field and we don’t get noobs til Thursday WE GOT TO GO TO THE BEACH! and basically tour the capitol and see all of lima! it was a BLAST!!

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