Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Que en el Mundo?!‏

Hola mi familia!
Well this week was about the same as every other week, classes, food, spanish and futbol. we got more norte americanos this week, and one who played college soccer that im super excited to play with! as well as all the latinos as usual. im the only hermana that plays with all the boys. but we´ve become such great friends, everytime I see them around the ccm, they all say hi to me, ´hermana nielsen!!´ Im pretty popular among them now. Cause the first day I played with them when they got here they were all super suprised that I could actualy play with them. Of course they are still alot better then me, but they still have to work to  try to get past me, and they are teaching me some new skills so hopefully I come back pro. haha, but yeah they are my favorite! Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. Everyone started in spanish then ended in English. It was super good! it was just us norte americanos but man missionary testimony meetings are super powerful! These Elders here are the real deal, they are so awesome! I learn so much from them everyday!
 So for the past week I have been praying for my companion and I even fasted for her to have a desire to work and to get the language, and during relief society we had another testimony meeting with the latinas all in spanish. and at the very end she got up and bore her testimony all in spanish, it was soo good! I was so proud! we have been doing alot better since and its been easier to get alot too. We still need work and more effort put into our lessons but we will get there. Im learning to be patient. Also im learning from her too, she is really good at comforting people and knowing when someone isnt feeling well and will go talk to them, things I would never notice. One of the hermanas is from Brazil and has been struggling with spanish, randomly she just went up and gave a huge hug and I was just like okay? and they kept hugging and eventually the Hermana from Brazil just started bawling!, i would have never known she was keeping all that in. So that is defiently something I am learning from her. Another cool thing that happened was we sat in with some elders for there lesson as pretend members to invite her to church, well i guess it wasnt pretend but it was a pretend lesson and my companion and i had to bare our testimonies are the end, and man the spirt was so strong and our spanish sounded like we knew what we were doing. it was the coolest pretend lesson i have ever had here! Thats about all that happened this week. I absoluelty love it here! I love the CCM, I love my teachers sooo much! i love being a missionary! and i love learning and strengthening my testimony daily through those around me here. Its the best place ever!

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