Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dos Semanas Mas!‏

Hola Mi familia
Internet wasnt working yesterday so im emailing today! but dont have as much time. Lets see what happen this week.. Oh i forgot to mention last week that we got to go to the templo! so ive been three times now and I love it! its super small but going with all the missionaries just makes it so special. Really not much happened that was different then the normal schedule. Classes all day teaching new people, eating and playing soccer.  My spanish is getting better I can tell now though, I know a lot more words now its just working on faster at conjegating in my head. Man this week was a blur I literally can't think of anything to say when i know there is soo much!
Fun story! So i guess my soccer skills are a little discracting because one of the latinos i played soccer with had an elder give me a letter after he left this week and he said, oh course in really broken english,how he had fallen in love with me and had never seen a girl play soccer as good as me and when he saw me play he knew i was the girl for him and that when we return from our missions he wanted to marry me. hahahaha oops.I maybe said 3 words to him in spanish, if he even understood them, poor guy.
Another group of latinos have come and gone and now we have another group coming this thursday and the weird thing is WE LEAVE WITH THEM THIS TIME! Yep only 2 weeks left in the CCM. Im sad cause I LOVE it here, but its too fun here to feel like a mission. I came to serve a mission and so im ready to get to the field and start really working. But I  do enjoy every second here at the CCM.
Hey also if you can for family home evening, if you can find it, it was a mtc devo but you might be able to find one similar on youtude about the holy ghost with bednar and his story about the 20marks with Elder Packer. SOOO good! Anyways thats about all the time I have. I LOVE IT HERE! I LOVE PERU! I just love everything about this gospel and my testimony gets stronger and stronger everyday here with all the amazing people i am surrounded by.
Hermana Nielsen
ps, tell ole vernon to Write me!!! (cody)
pictures: I have a Brazilian Companion for 3 days!! Hermana Piava. She speaks portugeese!
llama swagger with my compañera! All my favorite latinas who left this week!

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