Monday, July 28, 2014


Today is the independence day for Peru, and I'M SUPER EXCITED! we are having a fiesta in the church with the whole stake and all our zone! Its from 10am- until late late in the night, but we wont be staying the whole time. But they are gonna have all the Peruvian dances that they have been practicing for months, I'M SUPER STOKED! VIVA PERU!

So for last Pday we made TACOS! since hermana jimenez is from Mexico. it was super fun. hna Jimenez and I went shopping with the zone leaders to buy all the stuff, then we met at the church and we taught all the elders how to cook, haha. THEY WERE SO GOOD! Mmm.. Then we also had Peruvian hot dogs. which is a normal hotdog just covered in every type of sauce and avacado. Mmm Mmmm. Oh and to answer your question, masamora is made from the purple corn. The drink that Marlene made for us Its called Chicha. Which I've also learned to love. :) Hey do you know what part of Peru Marlene and her family are from?

Oh hey i think mom  asked me this a few weeks ago, but ITS COLD HERE! I dont know who made me think that peru was gonna be some super hot humid paradise, but no its freezing! Well not like Elko freezing its just constantly raining but its just like mist so we are always wet and freezing. Thank you mom for making me bring that big ole coat! ´Mother knows best´ Its been put to use :)

SO we had a MIRACLE MIÉRCOLES this week! President came to talk to our zone and afterwards my companion asked for a blessing, i had no idea why so we went into the other room and he talked to us, and it was just for strength to keep going she said. I didn't mention this last week but we had a poopy week, everything just fell to the ground, we have been here for 2 months and haven't had anything happen. no one has progressed, and we fell back down to where we were when we first started this area with nothing. so he gave us a little pep talk and it helped a ton. Then he gave hna Jimenez the blessing she asked for, then asked if i wanted one too. So i got one, and it was sooo incredible, he said and promised me so many things that i didn't even know i was struggling with but as soon as it came out of his mouth everything just made more sense and what i needed to be doing better and just everything, afterwards all i could say was just wow.. and he laughed and said yeah i felt impressed that you needed to have one too. I LOVE PRESIDENT!

Then that night we had a great lesson with a new investigator that we have been trying to contact for months now! and he came to church and things are loooking good for him!
THEN! we had a lesson with Jaime who we have been teaching for a while, and we taught the Sabbath day and he told us from this day one he would not miss a day of coming to church, we were in total shock! and he kept his word and was there EARLY for church! YAYAYAYAY! 

Thats all i have time for LOOOOVE YA¨LL!!! 
Hermana Nielsen

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