Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Changing & Turning Hearts‏

Wowee this was one crazy week! But ill go in order before this gets all out of control.
SO Tuesday morning we got up at 3:20 because the Elder told us to be there at 4:20. well turns out the airport didnt even open til 6:30 so we just kind of waiting around, I went back to sleep. But we finally got in and up above ayacucho! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! Pictures to follow. but seriously, ayacucho is soo beautiful. It was werid being on a plane again but we had fun. We landed in Lima then took a taxi to the church after 40 minutes of looking for a cheap taxi. They thought they could take advantage of two white girls. ha ha. They dont understand how cheap we are. ha
The family history meeting was super good! WE had to read a talk by bednar before and it talked alot about changing the hearts through the book of mormon and missionary work and turning the hearts to their fathers through family history. I really loved those two different aspects. I get the best of both worlds. 
I stayed that night with a few Hnas in Lima to do intercombios. They were working in family history. They were both helping them on the computer so I had nothin to do so I decided to read the Book of Mormon in Portugese for fun. ha. One of the guys there noticed and said he actually studied it for a ton of years so he helped me with my purnunciation. I actually learned alot! It was fun. I wanna learn it someday. ha
Then wednesday we had our leadership meeting. It was really good too. Presidente talked alot about being better teachers. He used the example that I really love. Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime! 

The rest the week went by super fast! We had to do tons of informes for president in family history that he will be sending to the area. BUt saturday we did a huge service project to get weddings free! haha, so we cleaned a river. They made us wear face masks. ha. It was actually super bad. SOO MUCH TRASH! Kind of sad. And we came across a dead dog that someone had hangs by the neck with a rope to a tree. So sad. And im not even a aniamal lover and it still disturbed me so much that someone would do that. Some elder had to get it down. WE actually found 4 more dead dogs, but it was just the bones.Then saturday night we got the call we knew was coming... Hna Bott is now in ICA! And my new companion is Hna Peña from Bolivia! Super cute! But not gonna lie it was one of the hardest changes. I was fine when Hna Bott left but after I came back to the house with my new companion, it just hit me how much I missed her. But change is good and I will be forever grateful for my 2 cambios with hna Bott. As I looked at our logros from this cambio I was kind of dissapionted in them, I wish Hna Bott and I could've had more sucess in our area, but I also learned sooo much with her. I became a better person in the last 3 months with her. I'll miss a lot of things we did together like running, listening to conference talks instead of talking when we eat, our comp studies and lots of anothers.. but I know well just continue them after the mission. Also just to let you know. Today marks 40 days without SUAGR! So I will definetly be buying some chocolate covered rasins today to celebrate my 40 days without sugar, then I will cry because it'll make me miss Hna Bott. Ha. I also haven't missed a day of journal writing and haven't eaten after 9. I accomplished a lot. But I'm excited for this new combio. We are gonna do great things in our area! I love being a missionary! I love peru! I love you guys tons! I'm learning so much and its just the best! Im being streched way father then I thought possible! Have a wonderful valentines day!

Hermana Bott

(In a later email..... hahahhahaa I was just thinking about her so much.,

HERMANA NIELSEN!! ahahhahahahaha)

ps, tell me what I need to edit from my family memories please!
last day running together!  Luckily Hna pena is letting me continue to run everyday though!

 AYACUCHO from above.

I  ate a ginny pig!!!!!! (cuii its called here) 

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