Monday, July 7, 2014

A mighty change of heart and a little bit of robbery

Oh mi amoroso familia..

The hastening work just got bumped up a notch, not only personally for me but as a mission. President Douglas is a fireball and things are about to get crazy. We had a mutlizone meeting and interviews with president this week, and I know I've been lacking and have so much more I need to be giving, and the guilt from that has really changed my priorities and I'm feeling a change of heart. Showing emotions is hard for me and I've struggled to know if I'm really giving it all my heart. I had a great interview and am ready to change to really become that 4th missionary. and president has given us a ton of work to do to give us no choice but to do it. 

OKay stories,
last Sunday we ran into a member of the ward and he asked us to come talk his wife into coming to church, they had been having problems and when we got there they were just yelling at each other back and forth, and wanting us to defend and take a side, we just sat there and watched in shock. my companion tried talking to them but they just kept saying but this or that, he did this, it was embarrassing to watch.
I was getting really uncomfortable, and the spirit that we have as missionaries was gone, and that empty feeling of not having the spirit that I hadn't felt in a long time, I couldn't stand to be there any second longer, I felt,like Joseph smith listening to those men talk about the church in the prison and finally it just over took me and I cut them off with my hands and said stop, then I read the scripture about the spirit of contention and I was like shaking as I read it and almost couldn't even talk I was so overwhelmed with, I don't even know how to describe it. and then said that this contention was the spirit of the devil that they were allowing into there homes, and that I couldn't stand to be in a place where that spirit was, so we were going to leave. I asked if we could leave them with a prayer. The husband said it and as we were leaving was bawling. I just couldn't stand to be there, not having the spirit was the worst feeling. Even if they needed help.

Guess what?! I got robbed!!! How exciting is that right? But wanna hear the best part, he returned my money to me! THE CHURCH IS TRUE! so here's what happen we were in a combi, its a van and a man was standing because there wasn't room then more people came on so we had to squeeze so he was kind of leaning over me cause I was sitting and my bag was on my lap and im not sure how but he got in there and got my wallet because I had just pulled it out to pay so he knew it was there. then when more seats were available he sat down and sat in the back next to my companion, she started talking to him and told him we were missionaries and a little about our message, he then tapped my shoulder and told me I had dropped my wallet and gave it back I looked down and my bag was open and I knew I had closed it and afterwards my companion said that he pulled it out of his pocket and returned it after she told him we were representatives of Jesus Christ, BAM! miracles and blessing of being a missionary!

But other people aren't as fortunate as me... 2 Elders in our area got robbed at gun point, they pulled up jumped out, put guns to their heads and took there whole bag, scriptures and all. Poor elder was a gringo and had only been in the field 4 days, haha WELCOME TO LIMA :) 

I love you guys so much! I still have tons to tell you but all this took my whole 40 minutes.. and this keyboards stinks...  Have a great week!!

Hermana Nielsen

Questions! Who was our first ansestor to join the church? Do we know? Also we have those my family books and I want to fill mine out but dont know anything can you send me names and birthdays and if we have them photos. i want to use mine as an example.

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