Tuesday, July 15, 2014


so before i say anything more... THE FAMILIA GALLEGOS SE BAUTIZO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the best letter ive ever recieved last week that they were married and baptized the 28  of June, and even though I wasnt able to be there with them it was the best news ever and I am sooo happy. ALso... I promised them id be there for when they get sealed as a family in the temple. So we might be making a trip to peru after i get home.Kind of like amber, its only fair right? But yeah im so stinkin happy! POR FIN! :)

Alright so i decided I would talk and explain who were teaching because for some reason i never really explain them by name. Right now we are teaching Erica and she is golden! She wants the gospel in her life to raise her kids and loves all the things we teach her but.... Her husband is totally against it. He lets us teach her and lets her go to church but doesnt like the idea of baptism. We invite him to listen to our lessons but he acts like a teenage boy and wont. She is our only investo with a fecha.
Next we have Jorge, he is the son of a family that was baptised last december, everyone was baptised in his family but him, he is 21. His family is AWESOME! The FAmily lopez, kelly lopez the mom is relief society president. But their son is soo hard to teach. He believes in god but we think he is scared to get an answer so when he prays and reads he avoids the answers he could be getting. 
Everytime i teach him though i just get this overwhelming pressure to help him and this feeling of so much love for him even though he drives me nuts cause he wont open up. And the thought always comes to mind this is my brother. Idk he is really special and i want to help him soo bad.It could be because i love his family so much and so I want them to have their son forever, but our lessons are so powerful. Ive never prayed and pleaded so hard.  

Next is Flor! SHe is our in-active/investo. She was baptized at 14 and then never had anything to do with the church since. She is 44, never been married and no kids.No clue why because she is a doctor and just super cute! We knocked on her door one night and it was so cute, we were all super happy and enthustiastic and introduced ourselves and were so happy to meet her and she just had her head in the door, kind of scared of us and said i dont know what im suppose to do, because she literally knew nothin about the church or had any contact with it since her baptism. So we just said well first let us in and well share a message and help you out. SHe then said a little confused i dont know if i want this, then we just pounced and said give us a chance! haha idk it was a funny experience for me. But she is awesome she has come to church the past 2 weeks, and we are started from scratch with her but she is opening alot! 

Well dang thats all i have time for... Hope you all have a wonderful week!!

I LOVE YOU ALL SO STINKIN MUCH! ANd I love love love being a missionary!

Hermana Nielsen

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