Monday, July 21, 2014

Soy Latina..‏


I find myself becoming more and more latina or peruvian everyday. First because I saw Hna GALO this week! I was so suprised! (oh i forgot to mention, i was told that hna galo was deported to another mission because something happened with all the hondurous visas) Turns out because her passport was stolen ( when we were together) she gets to be here for 2 or more transfers and maybe even the rest of her mission. Everything really does happen for a reason. ha! But it was great, we talked for about 40 minutes nonstop, and i was able to rattle on about everything! She has been with 3 other gringos since were been together and before she left told me that i was still her best baby and that my spanish was way better then all her other gringos. so that made me really happy ;) Next because yesterday I decided that hna jimenez and I would say our night prayers in English so she could practice. It was my turn, and it was SOOO hard, i litterally had to stop and think and all my words were jumbled, and my english sounded like the latinos when they pray in english because i now translate my spanish to english so all my sentences are backwards or just sound awkward. It was so weird. A couple words i couldnt remember what they were in Enlgish so I had to say them in spanish haha. My companion thought that was funny. And finally because i now love masamora. Its like purple snot and i couldnt stand it my first couple months, but now its grown  on  me and i eat it like a real peruvian! haha.

So I didnt get to tell you guys, 2 mondays ago when we went to the office to fix my card, which no i havent gotten figured out... , and president was getting really frustrated because no one was avaible on the phones to talk and help us, so he took us to the MISSION HOME! which was GORGEOUS! and had an awesome view of lima. But it felt super weird to be in a normal house. with CARPET! haha.Then after we wasted about 2 hours with it and nothin happened he told us for the rest of our pday we could go into the city and he bought us lunch at his favorite restaurant here and we visited a olive tree park with trees that have been there since before the birth of Christ. but oh course i didn't have my camera... But for lunch i had a blue cheese salad... BEEST: DAY EVER! It was perfect, with  craisns and carmelized peacons and everything.. hmmmm. I was sooo excited. Presidente said he would only do this for Hermanas, He loves us. We sent him a huge thank you note this week.

haha so fun fact, I did a intense leg workout last thursday, with a bunch of squats. bad idea. I was so sore the next day. I could barely walk, so ive been waddling the past couple days...

Hermana Nielsen

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