Monday, June 30, 2014

me cai...‏

Next is my story!
So this is what happened, our whole zone went to the temple and we were taking pictures. So I set my camera on self timer and the whole zone was all ready and I yell Listo, 10, 9, 8.. so they are all waiting for me to get in the picture so as I'm running over my first step was right into this sprinkler head and it caught my shoe, I started going down so I was trying to see if I could catch myself and get my feet back under me, I was in a pencil skirt, so it didn't happen, so it was like a slow motion fall I soon realized it was too late and boof, penguin dived it on my belly, not sure where my hands were but my face was in the grass and I just laid there, then as I pictured what it must have looked like from the elders view laughed really hard, and as you can see from the picture they thought it was pretty funny, cause the camera was still set so I caught all their reactions. haha so yeah probably one of my top 10 best moments in the mish. haha

Monday, June 23, 2014

I Love to See the Temple!

Summer is old enough to go to girls camp? What? and she lead aristo- sha!? Hahaha that's so awesome. keeping the Nielsen name with that song!
Alright so I got lots to tell so im just just go down my list!
First we had our Hermanas Conference, which was super awesome! And it was cool to meet all the Hermanans in the whole mission, and meet up again with my ccm pals! We learned a lot! A lot about our roles and the priesthood, it was really special!
Then the next day we went to the TEMPLE!! woo! 5 months I had been waiting! It was great! we took a train to get there and oh man I did not think we could fit anymore people on that train, it was JAMMED PACKED and more and more just kept coming.
Also I have a super funny story from the temple but my pictures arent uploading and its not as good without the picture so ill try to get it to work for next week..
So this week I was asked to speak in church! WOo.. the night before. ha. But when have I ever prepared a talk any other time then the night before, but I kind of ran out of time to prepare it so all I had was my scriptures and a sticky note with points of what I wanted to talk about, and I literally just talked most the talk which surprised me cause I was actually able to say everything I wanted to in Spanish! I talked on Family History and compared it to missionary work and how we look for people, they look for names, we prepare them for baptism, they do the the baptisms for the dead in the temple, and in the end we are both saving souls and helping in the hastening work on both sides. I thought it went pretty well, I was only suppose to speak for 10 mins and I didnt even think I had that prepared but the bishop actually had to pass me a note that said "tiempo" haha so I guess it was long enough ;)
Hey dad an elder in my zone is from argentina and he wants to know what areas you served in :)
Everything is going well, and we have 2 investigators really progressing, im out of time AGAIN.. ugh But I love you guys!! keep sharing the gospel and being awesome member missionaries!
Hermana Nielsen

Hey so did I ever mention to you guys that I'm actually learning 2 languages... A ton of people we run into speak Quechua, which is the native language of Peru. Which is NOTHING close to Spanish. Or a lot of people speak a mixture of Spanish and Quechua which is even worse. But yeah so this is the Book of Mormon in Quechua, I know like 5 words so far! ;)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Papanwa Day!!

Fam BAM!
 Well well well.. so I don't have much time but I'll try and hurry and write about the things I had on my list.. 
First off, HAPPY FATHERS DAY PAPANWA!! Hope it was a great day, I love you lots and im SOOO glad I had/have the strictest dad ever! ;)

Second, funny story: So we are the only Hermanas in our district with 14 elders, and were new so they were all kind of bummed to have ´hermanas´ because that meant they had to do P-day activities for us and it couldn't be all intense, well last Monday we played this game called ´mata gente´ its a Peruvian dodge ball but they said that only left hand for the Hermanas, and to get to the point of the story lets just say I showed them that I'm no whimpy ´hermana´ ha and i ended up getting them all out, they were all surprised. so the next round they decided they could use there right hands against us. haha it ended up being super fun and I think they were happy that i could actually compete with them so they could still have fun, so yeah the Hermanas are cool now in the zone haha.

As for our week, we know the area pretty well we are just working on finding new people to teach, we have 3 with baptismal dates, but only one came to church.. her name is Anett, she is 15 and lives with only her aunt because her mom is crazy,but she is super awesome! Comes to all the activities and does her reading assignments! so yeah we are excited for her. Oh yeah did Imention we are over 2 wards? so we have two of everything, and we are at church basically all Sunday. Also I'm teaching English classes one a week here! haha weird!!! But its great cause tons of investigators come! 

I cant think of much else to say this week was kind of scattered. WE have a JUST Hermanas conference with president this week and were going to the temple as a zone! the nice thing about being in Lima! woo! But yeah all is well, i love peru and i love being a missionary!

Have a great summer!! ah Cody is a senior!!
Hermana Nielsen

I was all grey and hermana jimenez was all black, ha. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Coming atcha from LA!‏


¨Y Hermana Nielsen dijo al rey: He aqui. el espiritu del senor lo ha llamado a otra parte; ha ido a la tierra de Lima a instruir al pueblo de Villa El Salvador!!¨
-Alma 22:4

...AND I AM LOVING IT!  So my area is actually called Los Angeles and is waaaay different then Mala. There´s traffic here, real streets, houses are more established but I didnt quite escape the sand, and were on a hill! But im already in love with it here. We are working in 2 wards so we have 2 of everything to keep track of, but I have loved all the members iIhave met! we live with the stake president and his family in their garage. They are soo awesome! And since we are the first Hermanas in one of the wards and here in this area since 10 years everyone loves us. haha. They are so excited to have Hermanas, everyone is trying to feed us and come out working with us, its the best! But like I said its super dangerous here, thats all people say to us, it be careful. Our first day here we actually got chased by a drunk guy, but he couldn't keep up obviously so we lost him, my companion was like sprinting, but I just walked quickly. I probably should be a little more worried about our safety but I know we´re watched over and protected so I wasn't too worried. haha, Hermana Jimenez always says that she is very grateful and that president was inspired because she is scared of everything and im here to protect her. ha. so yeah we´ll be fine ;) 

This week was just alot of visiting members and our leaders trying to get to know everyone so not much else to say. I love it here, and so far opening an area has been super fun cause we get to set everything up and start from scratch basically.and we already have 4 investigators that went to church!

 I had an awesome week and Im really gonna love this new area! Love ya guys LOTS! Have a great week!
Hermana Nielsen

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

VOY A ABRIR UN AREA! say whaaat?!‏

 AH I cant believe you guys are in HAWAII!? That's so awesome, I'm so glad everything worked out! Moms primera vez tambiĆ©n! Sounded like a typical Nielsen trip, with deciding at the last second possible, and finding any possible way to save money. like parking waaay far away. haha. So maybe we should start planning our trip to Peru now.. ;) 

 SO real quick I actually didn't read through your letters last week, just a quick skim, til afterwards on my camera, CASSIDYS GOING ON A MISSION?! There's gonna be 2 Hermana Nielsens?! That's awesome, Mexico and Spanish will be soo fun for her! 
Also dad that story you told about elder Bednar with family history and pornography was so cool! I read it to Hna Cortez and we both got the chills, Family history is incredible, i wish we had more of an opportunity to use it here.
NOw for the good stuff.... I'M OPENING AN AREA!! I'M  now here in Villa El Salvador, Lima. They haven't had hermanas in this part of town in over 10 years because its super dangerous. haha. My new companion is Hermana Jimenez from MEXICO! She is super cute, we were in the CCM together so we new each other. But yeah its gonna be quite the experience but I'm super excited! I'm ready for a challenge! I don't have much time so ill have to tell you more about it later and about all my goodbyes in mala. But hope you have a great week!! LOVE YOU ALL!
Hermana Nielsen

saying goodbye to Mala!


LA CHARCLA! It was a huge bean garden. I felt like a real peruvian!