Monday, October 27, 2014

I had the Noodle Dream!!‏


SO Guess what?! I finally had my first offical real completely in spanish dream!! POR FIN! Ive had a ton others that were like half and half but i didnt count it. 

But thats not all others have had their noodle dream too! Okay so story time rewind to Vill El salvador..
  So before Mauricio was baptized he was struggling a ton, and remember my story about remembering Whit and how he needed to feel the spirit well a couple days after that I was praying before I went to bed, and praying super hard for him, and the thought came to me and I didnt think much of it but I prayed that this familia that had past away or his ancestors could help him recognize his answer, I think because of the story of Bednar and how he said that we would have thier protection with us if we did our family history, I just thought why wouldnt they be able to help him now, because if he joined the church he would be able to do thier work. So I prayed they would be able to help him feel this was the right thing to do. Cause we were out of ideas in how to help him. And all of this was before I was called to serve in Family History. When I got the call I thought hey this is perfect I can help him now, well he was super busy with work and could never come in, so I put it aside for a while cause we were super busy with everyone else. When he came to the temple with us just to see I thought about it again and thought man I really got to help him, since then  I had kind of forgotten about it until early this week, I didnt dream about it but right when I woke up it was the first thought in my mind and I remembered how I had prayed for that, and I attamatically thought I didnt get put in his assignment out of coinisedence I gotta help and do my part of the bargin. Then that morning the Hermanas in Villa El Salvador called, so I took advantage of it and told them they had to bring Mauricio in to us soon so we can help him, and they told me they had actually just talked to him yesterday and he had a free day from work saturday. 

 So yeah he came in Saturday and it was sooo great! It was a great lesson. I didnt share this story with him, but i did tell him his family is waiting for him to help them, he is really excited! And just kept saying how he knew this was true. Then right before he said he said he wanted to share something with me and told me he had dreamed early this week of his grandparents who have passed away, he said in the dream they were just standing there and didnt say anything to him so he didnt know what it was suppose to mean til after he came to our lesson and now really wants to help them. WOw tons of relief off my shoulders. But its not finished til he has taken the names to the temple and they are completely done. His schedule is still busy but he said he could skip a couple classes so we are hopeing for this week!! AH this work is soo real! I really have just felt how true it is this week. I love what i get to do here!

The Hermanas also told me he is reading the book of mormon faster than they are! He is so awesome!

ALso have you read the ensign this month??  especailly the talk by bednar?!! Holy perfect!! 
ALso I met sister oscarson and sister stevens who came to our stake. They came up to talk to us cause they saw we were missionaries. I got to play translator for all my companions, but yeah it was super cool! they are great!

Also hna zarate left this morning for chile... This is the first person ive killed in the mission. WE got along so well im gonna miss her tons! Then hna cortez goes home in 2 weeks. AHH! its so sad. Im old in the mission now. its weird. But hey im still in a trio! Hna mendez, also in my goup, is now in our trio. im super excited! she is from mexico.

Well I love being a missionary soooo much! I KNOW this church is true. I know the temple is the house of the Lord. I am so grateful for this oppertunity to work so close with the temple. Family history is so real and so importance. and its hastening too! Just go read the ensign! 
LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! keep being good examples to everyone! 


 Hermana Nielsen

Hna zarate and mendez at the temple 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Short letter.‏

 Hey there family!

So a few things from your letters, Summer, holy cow what a stud! in 7th grade my mile time was 8:23 and I thought I was bookin it. haha And i love all the adi stories! haha she is soo cute!

I don't have a whole lot of time to say much and only have a few things on my list of things to say but...

  this was a good week. We created 20 accounts in family search. we only had 4 converts go to the temple but we have plans for a ton next week. We visited 7 ward councils. It was crazy!!  WE traveled a ton around Lima this week. I can get to basically anywhere i want in our mission by train or cambi and bus. SO thats fun!

Also next week sister osacarson and stevens are coming to our stake! IM not sure if we will get to see them but we will be here in the same buidling!

Sorry this is so short! BUt i love you all and I LOVE being a missionary! Hope you all get feeling better! 

Hermana Nielsen

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Birthday week!!‏

I feel like i just wrote you guys. So this week was a little on the slower side,.. With changes and conference everyone is adjusting to there new areas or dont know about us, So this next week we will be visting zone meetings and ward council. Presidente has asked us to visit all the Ward coucils in all the lima zones... THATS 32 ward councils in 5 weeks.. uhhh.. yeah so are work is just getting started. Also presidente wants to double our number of persons we take to the number for this month! 

So conference was super good! I got to watch it in English, and I totally understood everything the spanish speakers said, we listened in spanish those ones. Huge progress from last conference as far as understanding goes. YAY! I thought it was super cool how they let them speak in there native tongue. I fet like a general theme was just not letting the adversary pull us away from what we believe and the importance of prophets and sustaining them. with lots of other toppings like loving everyone no matter what there beliefs and taking the sacretment with purpose. I really liked Bednars, but i always love his.

Thats all I can think of that has happened in the past 5 days..

So this is the week of birthdays! Its seriosuly everyones birthday!  but to my family, Happy Birhthday to My oldest and youngest sisters! CHELSEA hope you had a great day! I cant believe your 25! And my adi pants happy birthday thursday! My little stinker is gonna be 5!! AHH! I love you guys lots! Im so happy to have you 2 in my life! 

Love you ALL!!
Hermana Nielsen

ps, I sent home a package for you guys with hna udy who just finished, Hopefully thatll be getting to you guys soon. let me know when you get it!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Holy Hastening

HOLY SMOKES!! This was such a crazy powerful week! There is sooo much to share! Sorry this is super late, we just havent had any time!

Monday, we went to the leadership meeting and it was SOOO good! WE watched the talk by Holland, the first and great commandment i think it is in english about DO YOU LOVE ME? President really hit it deep that we arent giving enough, and there is alot of pride in the mision, and its reflects our love for our savior. Then he talked alot about how we can't return to our nets, or in our case he refered to THE PLAYA, especailly after our missions. You can truly see the success of a missionary when you see where they are in 20 years. It was one of the best meetings I've attended. So powerful.

Then Tuesday we had the same meeting as our zones the next day and it just hit just as hard as the first time. So I've been asking myself throughout the day, Do I Love Him? And im showing it in how im working, and its changed my perspective of how i work and WHY im here serving.

So something president shared with us that is really interesting is that in 2013 a stake had 1,000 baptisms out of those 100 are active, 52 have recieved thier endownment and only 4 pay tithing. In our mission in 2013 we have 200 baptisms with 180 missionaries and only 30% are active. This year we have only had 100 baptism and we have 250 missionaries, so the number has gone down BUT in institute we have brought 58 converts to the temple to do baptisms and only 2 of those 58 dont attend every sunday!! Thats HUGE! and that was ony as of last last monday, cause last thursday we had 21 converts that we brought to the temple!! so now our number is up to 82 converts in only 3 months. And 186 nombres they have done. HOLY HASTENING!! SO because this has been so successful president called 8 more hermanas do this assignment in all parts of our mission!! IM so stoked!!

SO then last friday president called us and told us his plan and all the changes, which he switched and hna muños went to open the area in ica, and hna zarate will stay here and die with me, she only has 3 weeks left in her mission. IM SO EXCITED to have her! SHe is the best. But we are still in a Trio with our new companion Hna Guzman from Buenos Aires Argentina, Mission west. She is super awesome. Im excited for this next cambio. 

Monday all the new hermanas that will be working with family history went to a meeting and trainging with the area, and he talked to us then we explained what they were going to be doing and how we did it.

Oh also did i ever mention I made us a area book, when I got to this area we didnt have anything, no goals nada. So I talked with presidente and he said set something up, so we made up our daily goals cause they are way different then other missionaries, and I made us an area book with a registro de ensenanza whatever thats called in english, its sooo beauitful. ANd now ALL the hermanas are gonna be using it. HOW COOL IS THAT! its just been so crazy! I know im forgetting a ton.

OH and we didn't get to see conference yet, cause last sunday was perus election day so we didnt have church, but this saturday and sunday i will be able to watch it. IM SUPER EXCITED!! well im out of time 

I love you guys so much and know this work is truly hastening and the temple and book of mormon is the key to retencion! I LOOOOOOVE being a missionary!
have a great week!

Love hermanas Nielsen