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Well I already told you about my week but for Chelseas sake and mine in having it recorded ill tell ya again!
Monday we had a huge miracle! we visited a less active we are trying to rescue, she is 15 and only her brother is a member. Her parents usually want nothin to do with us, but she wasnt home and we asked if we could just share a quick video with her about christmas she grugingly let us in, and the dad joined us as we taught her told family, except her! It was HUGE! She wasnt all for us but she listened and agreed to have us come back to share something with the whole family on christmas, since she said they dont celebrate it in her house. Which is actually alot of people here. Christmas isnt a big thing. They just eat paneton and watch fireworks. Nothin else... 
Some families have santa come but not many.

Then Tuesday we had our Unizona. We put on a music/ live nativity program for president and his wife. They told us it was the best one any other zone had done! Hna bott and I and two other elders sang a quartet to away in a manger and it sounded suuuper good! Then we had a gift exchange and watched Gifted hands. Its about ben carson the brian surgen it was suuuper good.  I had never seen it before.

Wednesday we had zone meeting, then we worked in family history but only had one lesson.. That night we got together as a zone and make pancakes! and we were allowed to watch FROZEN! My first time and I LOOOVE it! I was singing along since I already knew all the songs. We then went home and Hna bott and I made Hot chocolate with pan wawa. Its a peruivian bread and watched the fireworks. 

Thursday was christmas! we got up a little extra early and went on a 45 minute run! Including a set of stairs that put a stadiums to shame. BEST! 
then we broke into the hermanas rooms and left goodies and decorated thier desks with quotes. Then we made lunch. We had a peruvian  red beet salad we love (the red) with a spinach salad (the green) and for dessert rainbow red and green jello I made the night before. SUUUPER yummy. WE then got to skype you guys! Which was GREAT! I loved seeing you guys but afterwards when I was talking to hna bott we both just kind of said yep nothins changed. Definently NOT homesick one bit, sorry! haha! Love you guys though! Hey also something I forgot to mention about all our stories about stomach problems. We call them the siempre and Nuncas.. haha! (siempres/always- diarreah  nuca/never- constapacion. hahaha thats just peru life for ya)
That night we went over to sarita the less active and taught her WHOLE family! CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! They were alot more receptive, afterwards we shared a paneton we bought for them, They really liked that! Im pretty sure this was the best christmas Ive ever had! No presents, just working,  my family, and helping other families. 

Friday we visited EVERY SINGLE investagator, less active and recent convert we have.. Only 2 were home. One is a less active mom, Frine with her recent convert daughter, Ivett. Frine was in a bad accident at work back in June and had her whole face and hands badly burned, she still cant do anything. WE had a member with us and it was a huge miracle! First off she found out that she was 7 MONTHS PREGANT! which we had NO IDEA! Then she started making a bunch of plans to help her out and get her to a doctor. Frine is really poor and couldnt even afford treatment for her burns. Its soo sad. The ward comes and cleans her laundry every week but I have no idea how she is gonna take care of her baby. She cant lift anything with her hands. And she is burned up to the elbow. 
Sunday we saw tons of miracles and help from the ward! Our goal was 5 investagators and 5 less actives at church, which we have had 0 and 0 the past 3 weeks, so this week we worked really hard and when we passed for Frine a member was already there picking her up! And the Family Machaca (that we found in the rain that one day) when we passed was already on thier way walking!! AHH! We ended up getting 5 less actives but only 4 invest. but only because 2 of the kids from the families were only 7. add then then we{d have 6.. But well get it next week!

Im so excited for this next transfer with Hna Bott and we are soo ready to wrk and see miracles! We know there is more for us to get done here together and were gonna DO IT!

 ¨God has provided a means that (WO)men through faith, might work [MANY] mightly miracles¨  Mosiah 8:18  we are PUMPED to be together and go find these miracles!!

I Love being a missionary, I love this work! Last saturday I finished reading through all Ambers missionary letters and its totally motivated me to work even harder! And also how perfect my mission is FOR ME. We had completely different missions but I know Peru is perfect for ME. I know learning spanish was exactly the challenge I needed and Im so grateful for everyday I have to be here learning. I cant even imagine where I would be if I hadnt come. I would not have ever been able to become who I am without my mission! I LOVE IT!.
I love you Mom, Dad, CHelsea and Brian, Cody, Summer, Carly and Adelaide! You guys are the best!! 


Hermana Nielsen

other part of the jungle
Part of our area is a JUNGLE! this was the only way to cross to get to the other side.. Sketchy..
BIG HUGE SPIDER! They are everywhere here.... 

This is a dog chewing on a pig hoof.. Yep thats Peru.
 It rains alot here

our unrealiable member haha

zone conference
GO INDIANS!! I still bleed maroon and white!

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