Monday, June 30, 2014

me cai...‏

Next is my story!
So this is what happened, our whole zone went to the temple and we were taking pictures. So I set my camera on self timer and the whole zone was all ready and I yell Listo, 10, 9, 8.. so they are all waiting for me to get in the picture so as I'm running over my first step was right into this sprinkler head and it caught my shoe, I started going down so I was trying to see if I could catch myself and get my feet back under me, I was in a pencil skirt, so it didn't happen, so it was like a slow motion fall I soon realized it was too late and boof, penguin dived it on my belly, not sure where my hands were but my face was in the grass and I just laid there, then as I pictured what it must have looked like from the elders view laughed really hard, and as you can see from the picture they thought it was pretty funny, cause the camera was still set so I caught all their reactions. haha so yeah probably one of my top 10 best moments in the mish. haha

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