Monday, May 5, 2014

happy cinco de mayo‏

Hola familia!
Como estan ustedes? Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Este semana fue un otra muy bueno! Mucho milagros y exito!
Im actually writing from Lima today, because i have a doctor appointment today.. Ive had diarriah for a whole week now so they think i have a parasite? or however its spelt, so yeah that should be fun.. But i feel great! :)
First of all, Monday we had a mini intercambio because hna cortez had to go to lima for a leadership training meeting so I had 2 latina hermanas come stay in Mala with me. 2 NEWBS right out of the CCM. They had only been out of the CCM for 5 days so I had to train them!! And do their hour of training during the day too. And.... I got us lost! haha. weird huh? It was at like 8:30 at night and i couldnt see out the bus window so we accidentally passed Mala, cause we have to yell at them when to stop. So by the time i figured out we had passed it we had to jump off and wait on the side of the road for another bus to take us back. haha, the poor hermanas only their 5day in the campo and they get lost with a gringo. BUt I got us home safety after that :) But yeah I had to Train them! That was really weird for me, but it makes me have to step out of my comfort zone cause I actually had to teach all the lessons cause they didnt really know them. ha. SO it was good for me.
  So i dont know if I've ever told you guys but one of our investigators HAD A BABY!! She is 17 and the girlfriend of the Stake presidents son... ha yeah kind of awkward, we`ve been working with both of them. BUT she had a BOY! 

   So there is an Hermana in our ward named Kelly! she is 20 and basically the Peruvian Whitney. Ha she is the only member in her family and her parents dont really support her in the church but she is SOOO STRONG! I love her so much! ANd she is a cheff! so for our service this week we went and helped her make cupcakes and cakes and empanadas. THEY WERE SOO GOOD! And it was super fun!

  Oh before i forget this Wednesday Elder C.scott grow is coming to talk to us! SO I'm excited for that!

  So one of the miracles we had this week was with a part family. We didn't have plans to visit them it was just a random visit but the whole family was home. they have 2 daughters that are members and super strong, one is preparing for a mission but the parents have never wanted anything to do with the church. we just kind of chatted with them about their opinions and they seemed pretty open with us and just said it wasn't what they wanted but if their kids did they didn't care. we still invited them to church but they didn't really except. We passed by Sunday morning but they still were just kind of like nahh.. BUT this Sunday THEY CAME! only for the last 10 minutes of the meeting but since it was the testimonies, Andrea one of their daughters went and bore her testimony and said they today was a special day for her because her family was all here in the church, they she basically said how badly she wanted her parents to be baptized so they could have an eternal family and oh man it was a heart ripper if that didn't get then, their own daughter pleading. BUt yeah so were are excited to start working with them!
 IM out of time but im going to call this week to plan a time! so be ready! Love you all! and see yeah next Sunday EEEEEEK!!!

MOZA! the cutest dog ever 

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