Tuesday, April 29, 2014

holy moly...‏

wow wow wow... is about all I have to say. This week by far has been the best week of my mission. I cant even begin to describe how awesome Hna Cortez is, she´s got something cause we have had more success then ever, and families we have been trying to teach my entire time here let us in with open arms, I was like wait is this the right house.. SHe is good luck or something.This week we had 18 lessons with members and 16 with less actives and recent converts. How, I have no clue. AND we traveled one day and didn't work Sunday cause hna Cortez was throwing up. so all that in 5 days. Yeah it still blows me away. I just feel like we are both on the same page, she is like me where she wants to make sure they stay in the church, I knew what I wanted but Hermana Cortez knows how to do it, and its working! She is really teaching me how to teach the people and not just the required lessons. I wish I had more time to talk about it. But yeah she is awesome, and I'm completely changed as a missionary in this last week. AND I'M HAVING FUN! Its so much more fun this way! Ah yeah things are so great! ha

So with the family we are reading the book of Mormon with has turned out to be a huge success. I didn't realize how much i missed family scripture study, we read with them every night now at 8 30 and we live with them so its perfect. One night a friend was over and read with us, and he was really interested we gave him a pamphlet and invited him to read the next day too. The next day he came back and had read the whole thing and wanted to know more, he also kept saying him and his people, we finally asked who was his people, and he said he lived over the huge hill in a tiny community and that they all wanted us to come and teach them too. We are still not sure if this is real or exist cause its not technically our areas, So we are not really sure if we should be excited or scared... haha but he came to church and we are inviting him to be baptized this week!

Everything is just going so perfectly, we were so blessed with a week of miracles, and I LOVE what im doing right now as a missionary! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

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