Tuesday, April 22, 2014


HAPPY EASTER! Looking and sounds like it was a fun simple family time kind of day. Easter doesn't really exist here. Or how it does in the states. We didn't do anything special or even have church talks about anything so I completely forgot it was even Easter. Kind of sad, but its all good. 
   So this was a crazy week! First on Tuesday we got word that we were having Emergency transfers, which we were kind of expecting because some chico in the ward admitted his feelings for hna galo and so she had to tell president, and the kid had just had his interview with president for his mission so that must have been awkward too. haha. Then Wednesday we traveled to Lima for Migration, Im official in Peru finally! Got my Peruvian Id and everything. ;) And we didn't get robbed this time thank goodness. 
 That night Hna Galo said all her goodbyes to all the members and converts, then we left for Lima again Thursday morning. My new companion is Hermana Cortez de Texas. She´s been out 11 months and speaks super good spanish, her grandparents are Mexican so she had known a little before. She actually roomed with Tori ackerman at BYU too, ha. BUT SHE IS AWESOME! I learned more from her in my first 2 days then I think I did in all my 2 transfers of training. which yeah by the way, IM OFFICAL NOW! All done with my training! YAY! But yeah shes awesome, she teaches so well and the spirit is soo much more powerful in the lessons then we had had in the past with hna Galo. Hermana Galo was great but she´s one only one month older then me in the mission so she was still learning everything too. IM SO excited for this next cambio! I was super nervous to lead the area but I can actually see how much it has helped! Im way more confident in my spanish and in my teaching. I finally feel apart of the work and like I'm contributing to their progression. Its finally starting to become FUN! I struggled for a while trying to find the fun. I made it through preseason in the ccm and now it game time in the field, I was on the team but sitting the bench watching it all happen, id get my few minutes here and there but never scored any points, Iwas a bench warmer. which as we all know is not fun, and something I do not like. And now I feel like im actually playing and scoring points and helping win! Which is FUN! :)

Cool experience real quick, the family we live with is inactive and 2 of the kids are not baptized yet, every missionary that has come through Mala had been working with them, but last night we had a lesson and it was the WHOLE family which has never happened since I was here. My companion started with praying as a family, then when it was my turn to talk I saw that they had one of the papers they passed out at church on the table and it was a family goal to read the book of Mormon 15 minutes a day and finish by the end of the year, I gabbed it and started talking about it and explaining it then shared my experience with our family and how as a child of the family I could see the difference it made in the home and between us siblings and bore my testimony of it. then we closed with a prayer and then as we were leaving I had a thought come to mind that we needed to read with them right then. so I asked if we could start with them right now. then we all read 2 versus each and  they asked us to come read with them the next night again, so we are super excited and they are too! It was so great! probably one of the coolest experiences so far!
Well I love you all so much! have a great week!!!

Hermana Nielsen

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