Monday, April 14, 2014

A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down‏

Buenas Dias mi familia!

Well this was an interesting week, it was a slow start but we came out on top!
Monday morning hna galo and I ran, and i felt way more tired then usual, and my legs just ached, then we emailed and during lunchI started getting a headache, I knew it was just because i was dehydrated so I endured through the rest of the day. For pday we went to a zoo, which was actually pretty cool, only had like a few monkeys, llamas and lizards but had cool spots for pictures. ha. We also hiked to this white Jesus statue on top of a hill it wasnt very far but my head was throbbing and my legs felt like they would give out any minute, but being stubborn I didnt tell anyone and just kept going. I made it through the entire day, but after we got off the bus and started walking home the pain and throbbing was getting really bad, I told myself it was just a test to see if id still work through the pain, but when we reached our house I layed down for a sec and i had never had my head hurt so bad before. My head also felt like it was on fire so i was trying to cool off with water and the throbbing kept getting more and more stronger. I was literally laying on my bed tossing and turning moaning trying to find a spot where it didnt hurt, but it didn't stop. hna galo called the elders to come give me a blessing, afterwards i was able to relax enough and fell asleep and the pain left.BUT then that night I woke up with diarrhea. So that took up the rest of the night... 

   The next day was interviews with president. My head still was throbbing a little bit but was bearable, but during my interview i was just fine then all of a sudden i had a huge heat flash, and i just broke out in a down pour of sweat out of no where! literally sweating like i would in a basketball game. My neck and face. President obviously stopped and asked what was wrong and then said i had a fever so the rest the interview he played doctor and told me what i needed to do to get better... i was super bummed my interview got ruined... 
OH and I had to chug this nasty electro water stuff... A TON OF IT! It tasted like sugared saliva... 

 So I wasn't allowed to go out and work that night, which  was a blessing cause I had diarrhea again and wouldn't have been able to anyways. ha ha. its passed I can laugh about it now. ha. but heavenly father is so giving and blessed us with an opportunity to still work! The member we live with asked us to come over and share a lesson with her friend she had over, so technically we didn't leave the house ;) And he ended up becoming a new investigator! WOO! I was really happy cause I felt so guilty.

Then Wednesday. Oh man Heavenly Father blessed us so much. We were able to make up for our lost time in those 2 days, and had a VERY successful day! AHH im out of time. but we also had an intercambio with hna rivera again. I LOVE HER SO MUCH! and learn so much from her every time. Well I Love you guys! This is my last week with Hna Galo, cause changes are next monday. Hope all is well!
Hermana Nielsen

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