Monday, February 23, 2015

Work Will Win When Wishy Washy Wishing Wont‏


Holy smokes so much happened this week I feel like you're all soo far behind!! Well to start out we met with Pilar this week! She is an old investagator so the hnas before had been teaching her, and she knew EVERYTHING! She has been going to church for about the past 6 months but her parents never gave her permission until... NOW!! She is getting baptized THIS Saturday! She is literally like Mana from Heaven! WE had orginally planned to put the date the 21 of march, but while we were in the lesson I got thinking and looked at our calender and saw that our temple trip was scheduled for the 7 of march and she could go, so without saying anything to my companion I invited her to be baptized the 28 of febuary. It kind of shocked my companion cause that was only about a week and a half away. BUt once I explained the temple trip to Pilar everyone got on board, and Pilar is so excited! So she will be baptized this saturday and go to the temple next saturday! Start with the end in mind! End being the TEMPLE! Thats what president keeps telling us and I finally understand how true that is! Im so excited! Pilar is incredible! She passed her interview with flying colors. Yesterday in sacretmeeting she was so neat to watch, she was praying and just doing it right. ha, Hna Peña passed me a not that said ´Ella es tan escogida¨ SO TRUE! Then last night we watched the restoration video with her and afterwards she bore her testimony that she knew this church was true and that joseph smith was true, and just kept going even including that our bishop of the ward was true. haha so cute. Her parents are giving her permission but not super supportive and she just keeps saying they will follow one day its not thier time. So much faith this chica has! I just looove her so much!! So thats what will be on my mind all this next week. Baptism then temple!
    Next Frine had her BABY!!!! early sunday morning!!! Its a boy and his name is Andre! We havent been able to see her or him but they said she is doing good. Also about frine, last week we were talking to her about her accident. I knew it was from working in a bread shop but she explained in more detail this time and I was just in shock. This poor woman. Some guy she worked with was not being responsable and left a gas tank leaking or something so when she walked in and put the flame the whole room was in flames she fell back she couldnt scream because her face was in shock from being burned she was all alone and had to crawl out on her hands that were all burned towards the door. She then went on to say that sometimes the pain was soo bad she just wanted to die but she knew she couldnt leave her kids. I felt so bad. This was last june or july. SHe has been suffering for so long. Also she wont be able to take care of her baby because of her hands so a hermana that lives in Lima is taking her baby. She basically has to give up her baby. And who knows how long she says proabably about 2 or 3 years. Its so sad. I love her so much though!

The next fun thing that happened is we ran into a chineese man who was some sort of preacher. And he was not nice at all. He came up to us asking us questions and was getting all up in our face yelling at us saying our book was false. And he wouldnt let us leave, so we finally just walked away with his still yelling at us. It was in front of a huge crowd too so we got lots of stares, but too bad that wouldn't do anything to weaken my testimony of the book of mormon. Hna peña is so cute every night she prays for all those who rejected us or wouldn't let us in to their house that they will be forgiven and have another opportunity. She even prayed for this man. She is a huge example to me.

So something I came across in my studies this week was D&C 50 22-23 Wherefore he that preacheth and he that recieveth understand one another and both are edified and rejoice together. And that which doth not edify is not of God and is darkness. I love it cause I've experienced this a little in the past month. I'll be teaching a lesson and I feel im talking to myself or that what im saying in what I needed to hear. Its like im teaching both of us! Things I didnt even know I knew or understood. THats when I know I have the spirit because its guiding my words so both I and the reciever who im teaching are edified. Its the coolest thing! Then I love the next part. I can think of so many songs or movies or social media that do not edify. So that means they are darkness and we want to avoid all forms of evil or darkness. So I made some goals for after mission life to really be aware of what Im listening too or watching to see if its edifying me and if not then I need to change. It hit me pretty hard.

Other then that I just looove looove being a missionary. It was a great week and Im sooo happy!!! I love working! I completely understand now what Amber meant by I can't remember what NOT being a missionary feels like. Its so foriegn to me now. This is my life. And I'm loving every moment!!
Love you guys tons and hope you have the best week ever! 

GOOD LUCK CODY!! THIS IS YOUR YEAR! ILL BE PRAYING FOR YOU!!  !LOVE YOU!! I will admit hearing cody and the fab 5 playing thier last home game jammed a pin in my heart a little.That was always the day I couldn't wait to see, all of them playing together thier senior year. It was defiantly a sacrifice to miss that, but it was well worth it. I'm happy im here. PLAY WELL COCAMO!

Hermana Nielsen
ps, if you didnt get the chance go watch the family discovery day! It was soo good! I stole my letter title from it! :)

Mi companera! Hna peña!
Pictures from the center, The heart of ayacucho

Monday, February 16, 2015

Be Happy. Healthy. Hopeful.‏

Hey my lovely Family!
This was a super growing week for me but I loved every bit of it! I kind of sturggled at first, I just felt this huge pressure on my shoulders to get our numbers up in our area. We having been doing great in family history but our area is suffering. One of the assistants called me to ask what was going on. Kind of embarrassing. It made me feel super bad, so I was determined to have a better week. Everyday before we left the house I would say a personal prayer by myself before our companion prayer, and just prayed to be guided to where we needed to go to find and have success. Then as we walked I tried extra hard to just focus on where we were going and what we could do. with just a constant prayer in my head. And it was amazing to see where we were lead. WE found tons of less actives we have been searching for forever! and we recieved so many references and just went from house to house. Alot was just making appointments to come back but I still felt like we were getting somewhere. We talked to everyone. My companion said her biggest fear is talking to people so I'm determined to crack it, so we made high goals to just talk to everyone! We found 3 new investagators! It was amazing! Annnnnnnd... We put one with a baptismal date!! I haven't had a person with a baptismal date since august... so I was suuuper excited! She is only 17 but she just understood everything so quickly and just got it! Her name is Estefani. So we will be working with her. She even went to the youth valentines dance on saturday! haha After the day ended I was just in shock with all that had happened. Heavenly Father is soo good. And he helped us so much. I was so grateful! 

Next family history.. So my companion has never worked in family history before so I was super excited to get to train her and teach her everything so we get there and I was kind of showing her a few things then she told me she has never really used a computer before. She didnt even know how to shut it down or turn it on. She had facebook of her phone but that was it back home. Her companions have to help her get into her email every week! I was just thinking the whole time Oh boy.. this will be fun. So we´ve been taking it nice and close. How to use copy and paste. The left and right click on the mouse. Then we´ll get into the how to use family search. So thats bee a real test of my patience this week trying to do everything and help her learn at the same time. But she´ll get it. And it will be soemthing she will need after the mission so im glad to help. She also had nothin on her family tree but her parents so we are working on getting her family history all complete too. I just keep telling how blessed she is to be learning all this. Im just worried because I will probably only have 6 more weeks here and I gotta get her to the piont where she can take over everything! But yeah its great. I love her! She is kind of shy but suuuper sarcastic. Which totally throws me off sometimes cause I can never tell if she is serious. But we are having fun together!  

During one of the lessons we watched the video I cant remember what its called but its about a family that had to sacrifice  and save for 4 years to go to the temple. Its a mormon message. Well earlier Hna Peña had told me her family isnt sealed yet and that they are making plans for when she gets home. While she was watching it I noticed her starting to tear up and as I watched it too and thought about her and her family it kind of made me tear up. Its so amazing to see what people sacrifice in other countries for temple covenants and eternal families. Im so grateful to have Hna Peña here and watch how her testimony of temples and family history grows. As it has with mine. And when she can be sealed with her family it will mean that much more because she will understand it. I just love what we do!

So with a little bit of what I mentioned at the beginning I think it just kind of hit me this week how my time is running out as a missionary. I feel there is still so much to do. And I really felt the pressure this week to get it all done and not waste any time. Its scarying me how fast the end is coming and Im not ready at all. There´s only a few minutes left in my 3rd quarter! something I read this morning that I liked from Parley p pratt when he said.´Í have all eternity before me, in which to enjoy myself´  This is only s short time I have to be a ful time servant and Im running out of this precious time. Im giving everything til the end. Also I choose a christlike attribute for every cambio and this cambio is Hope. So I will be trying to learn to develop this attribute this next 5 weeks. I love being a missionary! I love what I do everyday! Im happy, Im healthy and im Hopeful!

I hope you have a great week with amber home! 
Hermana Nielsen

ps, for valentines day presidente gave us flowers and chocolate :)

From Sis Bott's email: I do have to say that I miss hermana Nielsen a ton. She is litterally like my sister... I didnt realize how much I missed her until this past week. I bought her her favorite peanuts to send her but then it made me a little meloncholoy because I wasnt there to eat them with her... But, its ok Ill see her sometime! I love her SOOOO much. 

We have the cutest story about a family that went to the temple just this last trip! This is Julio and Ivett. They were baptized last August. They have one daughter and one of the way. They came in to family history for a lesson and from the very first lesson wanted to go on this temple trip. They obviuously arent the most well off and so they made this jar and started saving for the temple! We knew nothing about it til the elders told us about it then we begged for a picture of it and with them! They went to the temple on the 31 of january and brought thier little daughter too and a member from Villa El Salvador watched her. It was just the cutest thing ever and the perfect example of faith and sacrifice! We had to share it and show you all the pictures! 

-Hermana Nielsen
 Hermana Bott

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Changing & Turning Hearts‏

Wowee this was one crazy week! But ill go in order before this gets all out of control.
SO Tuesday morning we got up at 3:20 because the Elder told us to be there at 4:20. well turns out the airport didnt even open til 6:30 so we just kind of waiting around, I went back to sleep. But we finally got in and up above ayacucho! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! Pictures to follow. but seriously, ayacucho is soo beautiful. It was werid being on a plane again but we had fun. We landed in Lima then took a taxi to the church after 40 minutes of looking for a cheap taxi. They thought they could take advantage of two white girls. ha ha. They dont understand how cheap we are. ha
The family history meeting was super good! WE had to read a talk by bednar before and it talked alot about changing the hearts through the book of mormon and missionary work and turning the hearts to their fathers through family history. I really loved those two different aspects. I get the best of both worlds. 
I stayed that night with a few Hnas in Lima to do intercombios. They were working in family history. They were both helping them on the computer so I had nothin to do so I decided to read the Book of Mormon in Portugese for fun. ha. One of the guys there noticed and said he actually studied it for a ton of years so he helped me with my purnunciation. I actually learned alot! It was fun. I wanna learn it someday. ha
Then wednesday we had our leadership meeting. It was really good too. Presidente talked alot about being better teachers. He used the example that I really love. Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime! 

The rest the week went by super fast! We had to do tons of informes for president in family history that he will be sending to the area. BUt saturday we did a huge service project to get weddings free! haha, so we cleaned a river. They made us wear face masks. ha. It was actually super bad. SOO MUCH TRASH! Kind of sad. And we came across a dead dog that someone had hangs by the neck with a rope to a tree. So sad. And im not even a aniamal lover and it still disturbed me so much that someone would do that. Some elder had to get it down. WE actually found 4 more dead dogs, but it was just the bones.Then saturday night we got the call we knew was coming... Hna Bott is now in ICA! And my new companion is Hna Peña from Bolivia! Super cute! But not gonna lie it was one of the hardest changes. I was fine when Hna Bott left but after I came back to the house with my new companion, it just hit me how much I missed her. But change is good and I will be forever grateful for my 2 cambios with hna Bott. As I looked at our logros from this cambio I was kind of dissapionted in them, I wish Hna Bott and I could've had more sucess in our area, but I also learned sooo much with her. I became a better person in the last 3 months with her. I'll miss a lot of things we did together like running, listening to conference talks instead of talking when we eat, our comp studies and lots of anothers.. but I know well just continue them after the mission. Also just to let you know. Today marks 40 days without SUAGR! So I will definetly be buying some chocolate covered rasins today to celebrate my 40 days without sugar, then I will cry because it'll make me miss Hna Bott. Ha. I also haven't missed a day of journal writing and haven't eaten after 9. I accomplished a lot. But I'm excited for this new combio. We are gonna do great things in our area! I love being a missionary! I love peru! I love you guys tons! I'm learning so much and its just the best! Im being streched way father then I thought possible! Have a wonderful valentines day!

Hermana Bott

(In a later email..... hahahhahaa I was just thinking about her so much.,

HERMANA NIELSEN!! ahahhahahahaha)

ps, tell me what I need to edit from my family memories please!
last day running together!  Luckily Hna pena is letting me continue to run everyday though!

 AYACUCHO from above.

I  ate a ginny pig!!!!!! (cuii its called here) 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Keep Calm & Pray On!!‏


OH MY GOSH! I cant believe Romeny is going to RUSSIA!!!?? Thats sooo crazy! And speaking Russian? Tell her to start working on it now and to pray pray pray pray. I thought spanish was hard! That will be so great for her though! Im supper excited for her! Its making me suuper nervous to see where cody goes! EEK! I wanna say Chile or Brazil but im kind of south America bias :) I could actually see him going to Europe. Like Germany or something..YIKES cant wait to find out! Que Emoción! 

Well this week was super crazy and stressful! Trying to get everyone and everything ready for the temple! But we did it!! Our goal at the beginning of the transfer was 10 from Ayacucho. and we got... don don don... 13!! With over 70 names done!!!! we would have had 15 but a few backed out literally at the last minute! Like we had bought her ticket, which wasnt cheap, and she called and canceled 30  minutes before her bus left.. we were not happy, but we kept our calm and everything still all worked out GREAT! I've never prayed so much in all my life. Literally I felt like I was just in a constant prayer all week long about everyone who was planning on going! We had two couples who came! One had been saving up for this trip and had a jar that said temple on it. SOOOO CUTE! I'll hopefully be sending that picture next week! We drove over Friday night then met up with the Hermanas in Lima that are working in Family history. I saw Hna Guzman and Hna Mendez!! Altogether we had 23 in our group! It was great! We were soo happy! It was crazy and stressful but we did it! Huge relief off our shoulders. Trying to herd peruvians is WAY WORST then trying to herd cats. Les prometo! haha but I love them! Also we needed help with the baptisms so I called around and all my good friends from Villa El Salvador came! I JUST LOVE THEM SOO MUCH!! The familia Lopez came, and the Familia Cordava! So great to see them and catch up! 

After everything, we finally got to just take a deep breathe and relax a bit. Since our bus doesnt leave til 9:30 we got to do a session which was so perfect. We were soo tired so I was trying so hard not to fall alseeep ooops. But It was just the perfect end to our week. While in the celestial room we were just talking and a lady asked us if we could help with a sealing and represent the children. I had never done a sealing before. We had them ask permission if we could as missionarie and I guess we can if we are only children. It was suuper cool! I loved it. The spirit is soo strong in the temple. I just love it. And I love my job in helping others get there to feel it too! Literally the best! Nothing compares to the spirit in the temple. NOTHING! 

So this week is jammed packed! Guess what?? Hna Bott and I are headed to Lima again tomorrow, but president said since he doesnt want us tired we get to go by PLANE!! I get to fly over Ayacucho Perú tomorrow! Im sooo excited! We have a family history meeting with the temple and all the other family history Hermanas. Then Wednesday we have leadership meeting so we will just stay there. and head back wednesday night.. Then sunday we have combios. Hna Bott will proabably be headed to Lima again! for the 3rd time in one week. haha. Were super sad cause we already pretty much know she is going... 

So something interesting I've been thinking about. The other day at church, the teacher asked me how many times I pray everyday. It totally caught me off guard. So I said alot. haha. But then I started thinking about it and counting and I hadn't even left the house and I was already at like 14. As missionaries we pray so much, but in my head I dont even think I could count how many times! I love love love love prayer! I pray so much about everything! Its such a blessing to be able to comunicate in whatever moment we need with our heavenly father! 

Also about the package. Honestly mom I can't think of anything I need.. I dont need clothes so dont send me more. Im trying to get rid of things so I wouldnt want anything that would just take up more room to bring home. But something I was thinking that I would want would be a pedometer, we are always curious how much we run/walk everyday. so idk thats an idea. But really other then that nothin I'd have to just haul back home please. haha.

Well I love being a missionary! I love peru! I love the Temple! and I Love you ALL! 
Have a fabulous week!! 

Hermana Nielsen

with gabby from alameda she went for the 2nd time>!

temple trip 31 January 2015‏

fueron 13 de Ayacucho (2 PAREJAS!!)
8 de san juan
 y 2 de Villa El Salvador
(y algunos de Ica)

23 en total!