Monday, August 18, 2014

Hey the spirit WORKS!‏

HEY there!

So I was finally able to get in contact with the Espinels! They called us and they didnt know their address very well so they passed the phone to Renalto, not gonna lie that felt reeeeeallly weird talking to him on the phone, i just kept thinking wait im talking to someone i went to high school with! epecisally in English! and they kept saying my name... ah it almost hurt it felt so weird. But we havent been able to set up a time to go over and teach them. Can you tell them to call us again, we dont minutes so i havent been able to call back... But im super excited to see them and be able to teach them IN SPANISH! 

So for Jaime... I had a long chat with President on the phone and we both agreed our vision in the mission is the temple so if we were to seperate him and his wife so he could be baptized it would be breaking a family so he isnt gonna be baptized soon, we are gonna be patient and wait til his wife agrees to listen to us because we have the hope that they can be an eternal family and make this decision together! So that was a lot of relief on our part. and i feel alot better about this decision.

As for maurico he was working and studying allll week so we werent able to teach him, then he didnt go to church, and said he wasnt reading and we kind of were super worried but we were able to see him sunday afternoon and he had tons and tons of doubts about the book of mormon we read with him 3nefi 11 then 2nefi29 then the scripture that finally just made everything click for him was 2nefi33:10 and he got all excited and was like its true!! It was so cool! And the spirit we had been lacking was defintely there in this lesson! THE SPIRIT WORKS! But we still had to move his baptism back to the 30 cause he isnt ready with everything we have to teach him. Also we have a super cute single x misionera we are gonna invite to the next lesson ;);)

well i looove being a missionary and i you guys tons! have a great week!!

Hermana NIelsen

ps. So i got a surprise email from Elder Bleazard, I guess Pam sent him the email about my lovely fall at the temple.. haha of all the emails... ;P

pss Also Kelly Lopez is the recent convert that we are teaching, and her son is Jorge that isnt baptized that we had all those super hard lessons with, I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH and we are going to the temple with her and her husband this week to do baptisms for the names we helped her find, also her family is gonna be sealed in the temple Dec 8!!!
ANd sonia is the bishops wife, she is also suppper awesome. haha they asked why you were a blue image and i laughed, still havent decided to use a profile picture i see.

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