Monday, March 31, 2014


So before I forget at the end of this, send me pictures preetty please! Through emails I mean, I miss seeing all your gorgeous faces and I love seeing what your up to through pictures. Chelsea does a great job with sending me pictures and I LOVE it! 

So something I dont think I ever told you guys is that Hermana Galo comes from a missionary family too! Both her parents served missions, her older sister served in Guatemala, but is home now. Her other older sister is now serving in Columbia and her little sister just started her mission in Brazil! 3 missionaries out in there family! crazy crazy blessings they are getting. ha but yeah I LOVE HER and am super sad because she will most likely be getting transferred in 3 weeks. Then i will be expected to lead the area. YIKES! 

So this week was a little rough, no one was home or was either too busy and  by the end of every day we realized we had only taught 2 lessons, with that meant tons of walking so we were exhausted too. Our baptism with Alexandra didn't fall through, no matter how much we tried to talk her back into it or all the scriptures we tried, then on Sunday we only had uno investigator in the capilla... BOO.. BUT, we did still receive one miracle Sunday night! We ran into a family outside their house and started talking to them and they were super interested, and had tons of questions we were able to answer.Its so cool being able to use the Book of Mormon and the bible to explain how and how our church has all the correct doctrines and principles that Christ´s church had, you can just see it in their faces when they are like ´oh that makes so much sense´ I LOVE IT! 

So remember that awesome guy we found in the church one night. well he is progressing rapidly aw he is so awesome! Ricardo is his name, but we found out he is not in our area so we had to give him to the Elders... triste. But hopefully with These news ones we can have just as much sucess!

I Love you guys ton! and I Love Peru! Its so beautiful here, and the people are so awesome.I love being a missionary and learning so much every day. Personal study is serious one of the best things about being a missionary, an hour is not nearly enough time, I love learning more and being able to explain to people about this gospel, even in my broken spanish. which is coming along, they understand me and I can express most of my thoughts but i know its not totally correct yet. But everyone always tells me how much better im getting so that is great. And me and Hermana Galo yack all day long just fine now. But I understand her better then anyone else so that doesn't count. But yeah. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY AND I LOVE PERU!
Hope you have a great week!
Hermana Nielsen

we redid a members roof.
Hey dad we should invest in a Peruvian roof, it only takes 2 hours to re due haha chiste! 

Monday, March 24, 2014


some castle in Canete  :)

Alright Family..
Gonna try and get in everything i can in the little time i have.. 
First off a few little things I dont think I ever got to mention that I've been meaning to tell yeah. I met Hermana Cook, Our cousins wife´s sister. ha, and when I first met her she said she was told to say she had already heard about my reputation, I didn't understand at first then she said cause your a Nielsen, ha. 
 2nd is that its a rule here that we aren't allowed to play soccer.. I dont think i ever mentioned that... so yeah BOO! ;( its really hard. especially from going from the CCM to none at all. So my soccer skills will have to wait.. BUT there might not be a need for it anyways considering I've gained 21LBS! yep that's right I now weight 176... Hermana galo has gain 25 too, so I dont feel as bad, but yeah so this week we are skipping lunches and only eating fruit. So hopefully that improves our problem. YIKES! 
  3rd is that I have Grandpa Nielsen to thank for preparing me for my mission, because we dont serve ourselves here THEY SERVE YOU, and its grandpa servings, a little bit is NOT a little bit. And you are expected to eat it all! Also eating everything even when its expired or a little moldy... haha so yeah grandpa Nielsen prepared me very well for my mission ha.
AS far as my spanish, I Have a Liahona they gave us with all the general conference talks so I read that in all my spare time. I'm to the point where I can understand anything that I read, but I still dont have all the words memorized or the sentence patterns, so my speaking is still a little rough... but its coming.

As far as this weeks go we have 2 new investigators that CAME TO US! we were in the church and they just wondered in and asked about our church and asked to learn more! both in 2 different nights! so that was a HUGE miracle! cause we have been praying to find people who are Ready. Well I'm out of time but i LOVE YOU GUYS LOTS!!!
Hermana Nielsen

Monday, March 17, 2014

The thing I do have Control of is ME!‏


Welp nothing too crazy happened this week but yes we did feel the earthquake pretty strong. well.. my companion did. It was in the middle of the night, I was in the middle of a lesson in my dream haha (no I haven't had any Spanish dreams yet. they are kind of just language less, because i cant remember them being in English either) but then i just hear ¨Hermana Nielsen!!¨ Then I woke up and kind of basically got shook out of bed and we went to the doorway but it soon settled down. We went back to sleep, and I guess a couple minutes later the Elder had ran from their house to our room to check on us, but I slept through the whole thing ha.

    Combios were last week, and we got a new Gringa in our zone! WOOHOO! I was really excited. Her name is Hermana Bott from Utah. She had entered the CCM right after I left so she knew all my friends I had left behind so it was cool to catch up on how they finished their time in the CCM. She also is like me and knows nada Spanish! So it was nice being able to give some advice and feel like I knew what I was talking about. ha. But she has a gringo companion so she can actually communicate with her companion and know whats going on after everything, but I feel like its a disadvantage in learning Spanish faster. But its harder and I can see how some people wouldn't make it through it. I had some questionable days, and im ´emotionless Hermana Nielsen´ so I cant imagine for a normal person´s emotions how it must be. ha

Yesterday I met Hermana Ali! The Hermana with the blog dad and I read. Oh I think I forgot to mention this but she served 6 months here in Mala too! during the time we were reading her emails! But she finished her mission and was stopping in all her old areas with her mom for her last visits. She is a great missionary and is famous in Mala. All the members talks about her so it was so fun to finally meet her!;)
Another quick random thing I haven't ever had time to tell you guys about is that I get so many compliments on my eyes here. its nice ;) haha. Always, the first thing people say to me when we meet for the first time ¨oh tiene ojos bonitas¨ ha

Also I just finished the talked  amber gave me called´the 4th missionary´ and it was a huge slap to the face how I've been doing everything wrong. Spanish is super hard for me and only being able to share a few sentences in lessons is not very fun. So I wasn't really enjoying things at first, and I kind of just set my mind at ´´Oh things will be better and Ill be happy when I know spanish perfectly and can speak it´ Yeah nope.I have to give my heart and my mind and enjoy it. I learned so much from that talk and I wrote down all my goals of who I want to become from my mission. so I'm learning a ton right now for myself and about myself, this beginning part is defiantly the getting ´hermana nielsen´ into shape, so when I do know the language and can speak I will hopefully be closer to the person I want to become. Who I am and what I think and the desires of my heart are things I do have control of right now, so they are the things I am going to focus on. The language will come later. I pray really soon though! :)
I love you guys soo much! It defiantly was blessing to be apart of such a missionary oriented and strong family. Im SOOO glad I get to be with you guys FOR ETERNITY!!! :)

Hermana Nielsen

guessssss what!!!! I GOT MY FIRST .EVER. CELLPHONE THIS WEEK! haha we were a little excited! haha

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

first combio down...AH!‏

alrighy family... 
gonna try and get everything in! 
First off ahh! Congrats on the win to Cody against Desert Pine, I can just imagine dad and talking about it all night, that's so awesome. But sorry for the lost in the final. Trust me been there done that. ..plenty of times.. There is always another year, but even then just remember cCody there are better things in life. Beating SC as an underdog for me was a lot more memorial then winning state at track. State isnt everything. :) be happy you beat dessert pine that's HUGE! 

So last week I forgot to mention that while in Lima Hna Galo got her bag stolen while we were eating. It was right next to her in between us actually and then bam just gone like that. And it had EVERYTHING! It had her camera and all her photos, Her PASSPORT, all her identification, Our huge ´cellphone´ its wireless and works like a cellphone but is in the shape of a normal huge home phone with the cord. but we had to bring it to be able to call in Lima. haha so yeah that got stolen. and her scriptures and all the numbers and contacts of all our investigators. Yeah it was pretty sad...

SO this week,  Friday we had our lesson with John, he is 18, his baptism was for Saturday and he wasn't sure if he was ready, at the and at the end we asked him to say the prayer, and it was like the perfect investigator prayer, he asked to know if these things were true and to know if Joseph was a true prophet and you could tell he was actually truly being sincere, we were so surprised! He had his interview anyways and that was his answer he said, so we planned it was Saturday night. Saturday night came around and he didn't show up, we called and called, then at like 9 that night he said that he had to stay late for work and that when he got home his aunt freaked out on him about his baptism and just tons of problems, but he said he still wanted to, so we planned it for Sunday at 7 in the morning.
    And for the first time ever.. (with Peruvians ha) He CAME! he was a little uncomfortable because he didn't know what exactly was happening with the whole thing or how it worked. But everything went well, then afterwards they asked him to bare his testimony and he just shared how before everything was going against it, with his job and aunt and he was really unsure about this whole baptism thing but afterwards he knew it was right and he felt good about it.And he said he still has a a lot to learn so he still needs to come to church and do all those little things, Hna Galo and I look at each other and were like is this for real? He had never been like this in the lessons! Then we had church like 15 minutes afterwards ha, and he received his confirmation, and it was by a kid in the ward who just received his mission call to Uruguay, but it was super good! He did a great job! Then John asked if he could come with us THAT NIGHT to teach and visit people. All in the same day! it was awesome, and i think he was surprised at how much he actually knew and was able to explain to our other investigators that night. 

Oh we had combios which is the reason this is late. Im staying here in Mala with hna Galo :) Other then that, its been a pretty normal week, Ive been sick the past 2 weeks with a cold and a bad stuffy nose, and have a ton of nasty blisters on the balls of my feet by my toes, but thats just normal things. Love you guys lots!! Oh and  happy birthday to papanwa this week!!!! LOVE YOU LOTS! 

hope you have a great week!! 
Hermana Nielsen
Alexus's baptism. With Hno Edgar

Laundry mix up wth the Elders... HAHA!

Monday, March 3, 2014

havent quite figured out peruvians...‏

alright to finish what I started last week! so after she hangs up on us we go with the elder and run to their house which is up a HUGE never ending hill! and they all start talking to the mom and basically she says that she is scared because her husband is a drunk and will beat her. so we said ask him when he gets home and get permission and then we left. We continued on with Piera's baptism which went very well, we kept calling Valentin to hear word about his dad but he never answered, I kept praying that somehow he would just show up but as the night got later I started doubting it.. THEN right before the closing hymn, there walks in Valentin in a striped dirty button up with a red tie and a sweater down to his knees it was the CUTEST THING EVER! and he was with his mom so we freaked out and were super excited and run and grab his clothes and have him go change and while this is happening, a member of the bishopric comes over and starts talking to the mom and asking her is she really wants this and as soon as he did she started her freaking out session again so they take her in another room and he talks to her with the Elder, we were all like WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! She came, she brought him, why are you trying to stop this! Elder Cohen, our zone leader was getting pretty hot with the member of the bishopric and they were kind of going at it. So after like 15 minutes of talking it over, they decided they wouldn't do it unless the dad came to the baptism. Poor Valentin was so upset. We all were.. 
  So then the next day we go knocking on doors in the morning reminding about church, and we knock on Briza's and her dad says oh she is asleep so we said we would come back in 30 min, when we did he said she had left, which wasn't true but anyways so we invited him to church and said he was welcomed to come. so then we go to church and Elder Cohen asks where Briza was we explain the story and he says well go get her she has to be here. so as we are walking out her dad walks in and were like yay they came! but it was just him!! were like WHAT? where is your daughter? cause her dad inst a member.. so yeah, I haven't quite figured out Peruvians... but she finally came and got confirmed. thank goodness. But i was a little annoyed because if we have to drag her to her own confirmation, she is never gonna be able to walk on her own.. but I cant really do much or control much yet.. 

 as for this week. nothing too exciting happened, we went to Lima for migration and I met up with a bunch of friends from the CCM which was great to catch up with! but yeah it was a slow week.. but went by really fast too. Spanish is still coming along slowly.. but I love you guys and hope you have a great week!!! 
Hermana Nielsen!

This is at a place call lunahuna! Its basically a just a huge river, then we hiked around it and here are some pictures. The first one is our sleepover with the other hermanas cause it was a couple hours away to get there so we stayed the night with them it was fun! :)