Monday, March 2, 2015

Missionary March MADDNESS!‏


Well I honestly only have a few things on my list of things to tell ya this week, so this may be a little short. It was honestly just a normal week. We worked hard, and found 3 new investagators! One of which is a family and she is MARRIED!! Her name is Nancy. She had just been baptised in another church 2 weeks earlier but said she did not feel good about it and cried but not from being happy. She mentioned how she really wants to find the truth and has been to alot of different churchs and doesnt really like any of them. She kind of told us she had given up and just didnt want to be apart of any of them. All of this just made us sooo excited because we have allll her answers!! Im really excited to go back and teach her this week with her whole family. She is soo prepared! Whether she knows it or not. 

Saturday we had an Unizona with President. It was really good. He talked alot about teaching lesson 1 but it was so interesting in all the practices we did no one could really stick to that because we kept going off thier needs. Which always lead to the doctrine of christ. So then he talked alot about that. It was sooo good! Its like I understand and know the doctrine but everytime I study it or learn about it there is always room for it to sink just a little bit deeper. I love it. Its sooo true. Faith, Repentance, baptism, the holy ghost and enduring to the end are key to EVERYTHING! How lucky that I am that that happens to be my purpose as a missionary! :)

Next PILAR GOT BAPTIZED!! It actually ended up being Sunday because of stake conference but it was so great! She was soo happy. and we had tons of support from the ward. It was just the best day ever! The spirit was really strong throughout the entire baptism. And we did the thing like Whitneys baptism where everyone wrote a note to her while she was changing she really liked that :) I LOVE HER SOO MUCH! She is just sooo great!!

Well I cant believe its already march! Yikes! This is gonna be a crazy month of miracles!! Annnd this saturday we have our temple trip so we are gonna be crazy busy all week getting everything ready. These weeks stress me out soo much. ha But its gonna be great. and Pilar is going!!! Im so excited for her!! 

Well I love you alll lots lots! Im sorry about the loss Cody, but its okay. There are better things to win in life :) Hope you all have a great week! I LOOOOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!  

Hermana Nielsen

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