Monday, March 9, 2015


Im sooo glad you got to meet Hna Botts family!! That makes me soo happy! Arent they just the best! I'm so jealous you got to meet them for real! I only met them through skype but I feel like I know them very well already! Thats soo fun!! We´ll all have to go back in July for Hna Botts homecoming :) And Im glad you enjoyed the package! I put a lot of time and effort squeezing everything in. I hope everyone liked what they got! That was soo nice of the Botts to bring that back for you guys :) Now I'll have to find the picture of Hna Bott and I wearing the jerseys of the countries where our Dads served that I've been saving to send. ha. And I got your package too! It was perfect! definitely a sugar feast but I've shared it with everyone!

Well on a different note, this last week easily could have been one of the worst weeks of my entire mission. But as Amber always tells me there is no such things as a bad week just a growing week. So lets just say I grew a TON this week. Especially emotionally. and I had to look a little deeper to see all the good that happened too.
  So this week I learned that Satan works really really really really really hard to make sure people do not get to the temple. I won't go into a ton of details but it was scary how literally I could feel satan working against us. That power is real. And my companion woke up one night and told me about a scary dream she had about him just laughing at us. But my testimony of the temple was 10x strengthened just from the burden I could literally feel trying to get everyone there. We had 16 people as of wednesday who were ready to go to the temple, we were having contact daily with them to make sure everything was good and they were excited. So that night we called and we lost 13. Almost all due to not passing their interview to recieve a recomend. So there is nothin we can do about that. It was call after call and everyone just dropped. So I was kind of getting really stressed. Then thursday morning Pilar called and said her parents said she had to work with them this weekend. They were all for it and had given her money for it and everything up until this point. I wasnt too worried because this ALWAYS happens, something always comes up but we always make it work out. We did our stop drop and pray, believing everything would work out. Then that same morning the Elders called us and said they had 4 more who could go that weren't orginally on our list. SO we were super excited! That night they got their interviews and passed, we figured everything out with the money and they were set! We went to bed very peaceful. Then friday came. We first went to buy the tickets for them but one was only 16 and we didnt realize she had to have a paper noterized that she could travel alone with her sister. So we called the Elders and they said they take care of it. Meanwhile we were calling Pilar every 5 minutes trying to find new ideas so she could go. At about 6pm (our bus left at 9) the elders called us and said the two sisters wouldn't be able to go, the mom was working and there was no one else. AND that the other two, her husband changed his mind at the last minute and said she couldn't go. And Pilar wasn't looking too great either. So we only had 1 who would be able to go at this point. I didn't even know what to do. I was so frustrated. we got on the bus to head to our house to get our stuff, I had been praying basically all day long just for some kind of miracle with all of them but nothin. My throat was burning so bad, I didn't cry but I was so upset I wanted too. My companion was. We were both just so upset and disapointed. we road back in pure silence cause we didn't want to say anything. On the bus I just kept thinking what did we do wrong, what more could we have done, why didn't it all work out like all the other times? why did satan win? I was sooo upset. More then my entire mission. I was embarrassed to even go. I just wanted to cancel the whole thing. But then I got thinking and I told Hna Peña we had to be grateful for the one person we had. When we got her numbers I realized she had 11 names to bring so that also made me very happy. It may have only been one person but it was 11 souls, 12 including hers that it would benifit. So before we left the house to head to the bus we said a prayer and just thanked Heavenly Father for  the one person we did have and the 11 names she would do. Oh and the one person was Diana Roa. I dont know if I explained this all that much from the last trip but she was the one that fell through 5 minutes before we left and we already bought her ticket. I'm sure Hna Bott is just laughing at the irony of it all. haha yes Diana was the only one who didn't fall through this time. 

But it ended up being a great experience. Lima was able to bring a lot because all our spots were open so I just had to tell myself heavenly father sees the big picture. maybe he had to let satan win this time because he sees the big picture of what needed to happen that we won't ever see. I'm just trying to trust that I did all that I could and that this was his plan. Diana had a great experience and I was really happy for her. I got to know her a lot better. And that night after everything we got to go through a session in the temple and it was exactly what I needed. I felt peace about everything and I really needed that. This week I studied a lot about not fearing. I don't have time to share more but FEAR NO MAN! not even satan. I felt very protected in the temple. He can't reach us there. But we also can never fear him. We are on the team that WINS!! in the end.

I love you all soo much! See the good in everything!! 
Hermana Nielsen

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