Monday, May 25, 2015

Live like your ´Dying´‏

Wow! Another week already...
As for our two with baptism dates.. Abel is so amazing! His faith and understanding is incredible, I feel we haven't done much and he is growing and learning all by himself.  His date has been changed to the 13 of June! I am praying so hard everything goes smoothly so that he can be my last baptism. Everything has been so perfect so far Im just waiting for the trail to blow up in our face. But maybe Heavenly Father is just rewarding us with this perfect baptism! And Nancy came to church! Her first sunday, and it was slightly a disater... I won't go into to much detail but basically she started her period the last hour of church... But she said loved church and was super interactive in gospel princibles. They both are so willing to learn and we are so blessed to be teaching them. WE are still struggling finding investagators. Mostly our struggle is getting inside the house and teaching for the first time. WE have tons of names recommended and we contact them and set up a time to visit but its either too busy or not home. But we press on! I'm really just trying to enjoy each day and each moment good or bad!
So this week we went to find a recent convert. I had been to her house but I couldn't remember exactly where it was. When we finally got to the house the gate was locked, I had no idea what doorbell it was, it was one of those houses that has a ton of different houses and floors. SO I just randomly hit one. A lady came on the speaker thing and asked what we wanted. We just asked for the Hna we were looking for that lived on the first floor. SHe said we have hit the 4th floor but then asked if we were missionaries, she surprisingly said yes. Then she told us to wait there and that she wanted to come down and talk to us. Kind of scared and worried whether this was a good or bad thing we waited. She ended up being a member that was just visiting and said that her niece had been going to church in the wrong ward and asked what ward we were from. SUre enough we were from the ward she was suppose to be attending. Her niece wasn't a member but loves coming to church! And she came this sunday! WE were super excited and it was such a miracle how we found her! If I hadn't hit the wrong doorbell we were have never know she was there. We have a lesson with her this week! Heavenly FAther is sooo great!
WE also visited a random name on the ward directory I didn't recognize and we went and visited them and found a  couple visiting from Canada but had lived here before and were in the ward and they gave us 6 references!! It was such a miracle.. I think randomly doing things has been working out really well for me lately.
WE also had a training with president, which was AMAZING! WE had a mini testimony meeting at the end with those he selected and it was just the best. I loove the spirit and being able to feel it everyday. I think thats what I fear the most about not being a missionary. I know it will be a lot harder to keep it with me. The things that stood out most to me was what he shared about the sabbath day. I know there are many things I will change when I am home. I never took it as serious as it really is. It was such a great training, I felt everything I learned was not what was said by president but what I recieved through impressions of the spirit which was what made it such an inspiring training.

Other then that we are just working hard and trying to talk to everyone. working each day like its my last, and enjoying all the little things, including the empanadas on the corner of the street :) I learn something new everyday. ANd I feel this change I've learned so much about myself and my relationship with my savior. He is my best friend.
I love being a missionary and I loove you guys so much! HAve a great week!!!
Hermanita Nielsen

HEy quick question. When is Cody going through the temple? Are you gonna wait for me?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

17 Months......Its no longer a celebration‏

Hey family!

This was a great week! I love being a missionary! Positives for this week definetly would be ABEL! He is doing amazing! He loves the book of mormon! He shared a 20 minute testimony with us about how much he loves it and how it has answered his questions and shared a personal experience of how he was upset and sad and read and it was literal comfort to him. AHHH!! Hearing that and seeing how he has come to know that is why I looove being a missionary! He also mentioned how he felt like the Book of Mormon was his mother in life..... uh... Then went on to explain that he never grew up with  a mom to teach him but everything he reads in the Book of Mormon is like advice from a Mom and his guidence through life, like a mother would give to her children.. Hahaha he is such  a funny guy I love that kid! He came late to church.. again. So we are gonna make sure we talk to him and make it clear he has to be there on time so his date doesnt fall. I'm super excited for him he is progressing so much! WE also put a new baptism date  with Nancy! The one with the son serving in Iquitos. SHe didnt come to church and hasnt read a whole lot but shows a sincere desire to change and become part of this gospel that her son is teaching. WE try to refer to her son alot in lessons. And help her realize everything we do and teach is exactly what her son is doing. ANd that he is helping creating eternal families in other families, and how much it would mean to him to have that eternal family created in his own family. WE are praying hard for her!

We also found Castrolina this week! It was cool because I was deciding where we should go next and had a house in mind so we started walking that way then I just decided to take a different route and we saw her, she was pushing a mobile food stand all by herself so we offered to help. I dont know how she was planning on doing that alone, it was heavy and hard to push. She told us usually her son comes to help her but couldnt today, we asked where she was headed and it was kind of far but we  helped her the whole day. ANd it was hard, haha we were all sweating a ton by the time we got there. SHe thanked us and we took down her information. WE looked for her house but could never find it... Then later that week just like the first time I just randomly changed my mind of where to go and as we were walking we saw her coming out of her house! We were able to teach a short lesson! It was such a miracle! It reminded me of Elder Bednar when he says ´Be a good girl´ Alot of times we dont notice the spirit as a prompting just a thought but if we are doing what we are suppose to we are guided. It was neat to see how that was worked through me this week.

Then Tuesday after district meeting we got an announcement that an Hermana in our stake house caught on fire. So we had to hurry home and change, skipping lunch and we all went over to help. It was so sad, thier house was made of cement so the house didnt burn down, and it was only in one room everything was just pitch black, so we had to get everything out and see what survived. IT was the room of the Mom, she was pretty distraught. And silently crying the whole time. THe whole rest of the house was covered in ash and all the walls were black from the smoke so we had to scrub down all the walls. I feel like it would've been easier if the whole thing has just burned down and they just started over again. But we scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. One of the only things they were able to save from the room was her young women madallion, it was the old version like moms, when she saw it she cried tears of joy. Over all it was a neat experience and she was very grateful for 25 or so willing missionaries who came hours to work for a good 4 hours. We made quite a dent in the cleaning process. We all came back Thursday too for our normal scheduled service.

WEll I looove looove looove being a missionary! I can't imagine myself or my life without the experiences I learn everyday from serving. I love Peru with all my heart! I love my savior and know what he did is REAL! and is for each one of us! I'm so grateful a mission was part of my plan! Life is just so great and I wouldn't change a thing. Its hard, and by the end of the day I'm absolutely exhuasted but come what may and LOVE IT! and love it I DO!!! Have a great week! LES AMO!

Hermanita Nielsen

Monday, May 11, 2015

No Para para Nada‏

Hey Family!!

It was sooo great to see and talk to you even though it was really slow and cut short, It started working perfectly for my companion 30 minutes later but thats okay, she needed it more then I did. She only has 4 months in the mission. But I didn't really get to say goodbye so I hope you had a great day Mom and know I love ya LOOOTS! keep a look out in the mail!

SO this was a week full of different distractions and everyone was busy. Like I said to you guys Mothers Day seems bigger then Christmas here. The streets were filled with people on every corner. Cooking and drinking and dancing, flowers everywhere. All week long. Sunday was the worst though! buuut through all the comotion we were still able to find a few lessons and we finally put Abel with a baptism date! Its set for the 6 of June! He is really excited! We asked if he was able to read and pray and he said he read the whole chapter and then he did as we said and he prayed but didn't feel anything then he said that night he had a dream, I didn't quite understand it but he said afterwards that he knows this book is true! WOO! He then explained that it was even more special to him because the copy he has is from his Mom (who passed away when he was 5) He said a little while ago before we came and found him he was going through all her old stuff and found her personal book of mormon and it has all her markings and notes so he kept it and was interested in it but didn't actually read it til we came. How sweet is that? He is doing so great! And even said he wanted to serve a mission when he gets to that point! His good friend from grade school has been a huge example and help to him these past 2 weeks. He is preparing for the mission and has been super excited that Abel is taking the lessons and on board in helping us. So I think that's why he wants to serve a mission too. 

 We are also teaching a couple Melisa and Johan. They are married!!! And super great! We taught them about the book of mormon and they asked me to share how I came to know it was true. It was really neat, no one has ever asked me that or to share it, so I shared it and it was one of the most powerful lessons I've had. I shared that I was taught to read it since I was little but I didn't understand it then, but I knew that if I was ever feeling sad that if I read it it would make me feel better. I was just reading words that didn't make any sense to me but I loved the way it make me feel and I could recognize that from a young age. Then I shared that I finally read it all the way through for myself and prayed just as Moroni says. It's so cool for me cause I can remember that moment so clearly when I had the chance to kneel and pray in my bedroom after finishing it for seminary freshman year and ask if it was true. I remember I was home alone so no one else was in the house and after praying I just felt peace  the same deep peace I feel when I share my testimony and I thought to myself I know its true. I have no doubt. And that was it. I got my answer. They really loved hearing this and said they wanted to try it out for themselves. We haven't seen them since but I'm excited to see how it went! I loooove the book of mormon so much! 

Thursday for service we made mothers day cards for all the mothers. That's what I was trying to show you guys. I drew them and they turned out reeeally cute! Mothers day was impossible to work cause no one was home so we just took them around the all the mothers in the ward and thanked them personally. they all really liked that. 

 President and Hna douglas came to our ward, and President spoke. It was sooo good! He is so Powerful! I don't know if I've mentioned this but he is ending with me so this is his last cambio too and boy is he just giving every last little bit he's got! I'm so grateful for both of them! President also came and we did a weekly planification together as a zone for trainging. Like always he starts with something then just starts preaching at us about whatever he feels he needs to say. It had nothin to do with planning but it was so great! At the end he bore his testimony about how much he loves being a missionary and how it kills him that he is almost done. I relate to him so much so it just hit me even more how much I looooove being a missionary. I really do love everything about every moment being here in Peru. I know this is the greatest work because it is his work. I know it. I love it. And nothin is stopping me these last few weeks.

Have a great week!! Love you guys sooo much!!

Hermanita Nielsen

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

4th quarter.. NO REGRETS!‏


First off. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! Hope You had a wonderful day!! I love you sooo much!!

Wow this felt like the loongest week ever. Soo much has happened! So last week... Hna Bott came and stayed with us Monday, it was great we got to go on a 2.5mile run in the morning and just blabbed on the whole time catching up! 

This last week was great! WE were so blessed! We found some real potentials and have investigators progressing! I really truly believe we will see baptisms this change! As long as we do all of our part to help them. First we have Abel, he is 18 orphaned since he was about 6 raised by his aunt who is a less active just because she works on Sundays. But he is great! He went to church as a kid and came this Sunday and found a few old friends he had from primary! It was crazy! And he READ THE WHOLE chapter we left him! He already told us he wants to be baptized because he is the only one in his family who isn't baptized. we´ll defiantly make sure he understands everything though. We are putting a fecha with him this week! I really believe he is chosen! WE also had a lady contact us in the street and said she needed help with her family, and she came to church all by herself! but it was after the sacrament. But I'm super excited to help her. WE also focused a lot on the book of mormon this week and it was amazing! We have been reading 1 Nephi 1 together with them, and they get so excited they WANT to keep reading into ch2. SO many don't realize the book of mormon is a story, about families. And it has helped them to have more desires to read and learn more. 
Then Saturday we had Plan Rescate which is when the CCM missionaries come out (remember when I would go out and proselyte in the ccm) with us and we go visit less actives and invite them to church. I got put with a little chilean. Hna Muñoz. It felt like having a baby! It was so fun to take her around and show her how the work is. WE taught 2 really great lessons! 

WE also had Changes! Hna Addington left for Nasca and my new companion is Hna Giler  (pronounced healer) She is from Equador and just the cutest thing eeeever! 
 I'm so very excited for this next change! I love Hna Giler so much already! She is so great and we are so ready to work and see miracles! Im so grateful to be here in this area! And I'm so ready to sprint to the end, giving all that I have.I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a missionary! I cant imagine doing anything else right now. And I'm no where near ready to come home. Thank goodness there is still time. No regrets this change!

Hermanita Nielsen

ALso we are still in the process of finding a place to skype but I will be calling Saturday to coordinate everything so don't be on the phone. And I will see you all SUNDAY!
***goodbyes to Hna cook. Russle´s wife´s sister. We call each other cousins. and tell everyone we are family.. which we kind of are. Ha She always gives me the updates on how they are all doing.