Monday, September 1, 2014

Goodbye August Hello September


COMO ESTAN!!! Well I guess I should explain a little about my new area... I have my own office, laptop, tablet, and we go to the temple twice a week. wait I'm a missionary.... CRAAAZY??? Its still soooo weird for me. My first thought was that it was some kind of punishment, that I wasn't working hard enough in the field so President had to put me in an office, but what we do is really cool. So basically we are called the Hermnanas de Instituto, but we work specificlly with Family History. All the misionaries in Lima bring thier recent converts or less actives and we teach them about family history, help them find names, then take them with us to the temple every week to do the baptisms for their own families. We go to the temple every tuesday and thursday with the recent converts and the Missionaries who taught them, and everyone wants to go to the temple so its great motivation for the missionaries to help their converts. We also work with institute and the youth to get references, and pretty soon we may be teaching a class for institute.

OH my companion now is Hermana Munoz de CHile, we also were in the same group from the ccm! She is great! 

We share a ward with 2 sisters and only go out Mondays, all day Friday, and all day Sunday. 

So this week we had a meeting with the director of Family History of the AREA, so we had to go into the center of Lima where the area office is, which is right by the ccm!! we got to wave to all the missionaries! Thursday we went to the temple with 3 recent converts and 4 elders to watch them perform the baptisms. So that was fun! I hadn't been in that part of the temple since trek... I forgot how cool baptisms for the dead is!

ALSOOOOOOO!!! I called presidente and he gave me permission to go to the baptism of Maurico!!!! He said he usually Never gives permission to go back to old areas, but if i could tie it in with family history i could! So it worked out perfectly because he will be coming in with us to do his family history! now so we went and did an invitation and invited him to sign up for institute! It was soooo goood! He is soo awesome! His testimony! ahh! he is golden. And everyone came, so I got to see my old ward and friends!! It'd only been 5 days and they acted like we hadn't seen each other in years! I love them so much!!

Also guess whose in my zone now??? HERMANA CORTEZ!!!!!!!!! I almost peed my pants I was sooooo happy! She only has 3 months left so we´ll most likely stay together these last 3 months! I MISS HER SO MUCH!!!

Tomorrow we have to go to the leadership meeting and give a little speech about what we are doing now, then in the next month we have to visit every zone and train all the missionaries how to work with their recent converts to work with us in family history,  Its a totally different world or working, but I know its where I need to be. 

I love you all tons!!!

Hermana Nielsen

PS, dad could you sent me your number of membership in the church, also mom's. THANKS!
PPS, i called for my card again and it still doesnt work... MEH!!

Hermana JImenez Y Yo

Matargente with all the Elderes...

Hna kellys great grandma, she is 96 or something and sooooo funny! I love her so much! She was really sad when I left.
and the family espinel!

All my Friends!!

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