Monday, January 26, 2015

Quailty AND Quantity‏


Haha Hna Bott and I love just talking about how great our families are gonna get along someday, Im glad you think we are a lot alike Dad! haha! We really do just get along so well, a little too well sometimes we think, and are best friends! And we both laughed when we read today that Mom and Marry Bott talked on the phone! haha! WE just love it! 
 This week went by suuper fast! President sent us a great letter. In it he mentioned that as a mission we have been telling ourselves quailty over quantity because we have lowered our baptizing numbers but all of those have been getting to the temple and staying active because of our push in family history. Well he told us that how great shall be our joy if we have MANY, and then went on to say he wants QUALITY AND QUANTITY! I felt a little guilty because I havent had a baptism since august.. It was kind of in my mind all week. We were then listening to talks and one by Erying during preisthood session came on, it didnt have anything to do with family history but he mentioned a part about men giving service in the temple and that the joy they recieved from doing it was only a part of the joy they will recieve after this life. And the thought just came to my mind, I haven't met any of my converts yet. And won't meet them til after this life. Yeah I may not have taught them, but I know each one of their names and have had the oppertunity to learn a little about them as I talk to these converts about them. I can't wait to meet every single one of them someday! That will be one special day. It made me feel alot better about what I'm doing. AND this week we are going to the temple! WE are heading over friday night! ANd we have over 20 names we are bringing. and 15 people we are praying! So this week will be crazy trying to get everyone recomends and finding buses. BUt we are super excited!

   Wednesday we were walking back from an appointment and we ran into a white girl! (not many of those around here) Her name is Hannah, she is from california and 28 and spoke english so we naturally jumped on the oppertunity to talk to her she was walking down the same long dirt road so we got a 20 min chat in with her. She is a jehovahs witness and has been in ayacucho for 2 years and plans to live here the rest of her life as a ´missionary´ too. She isn't married and lives with other people from around the world serving here too. we talked about alot of things. The book of mormon of course was her biggest concern. She strongly believed the bible was all we need and that there was nothin that says in the bible that there is another book. It was honestly the BEESSST!! I loved just talking and bearing my testimony in English! It felt so good! Is that what english speaking missions feel like all the time? haha but we just testified of the book of mormon and that she needed to pray. She was actually super nice! At the end we exchanged emails and thanked each other for the great chat. She told us that she loved that we taught with so much conviction and that she really admired that. (in my head, well yeah cause I've never been so sure of anything in my life than this!!!) It was a great experience. We gave her a few things to read and scriptures to look up. I really hope one day she comes into the gospel she really was just such a sweet lady! We could use a dedicated member like her. but well see, were just planting seeds!

   Yesterday Hermana King went home. She was one of the newer missionaries, still in training that we have been helpíng. I can't give an exact reason of why only that she wasn't happy here and struggled alot. It was sad and hard for both of us because we didn't want her to quit. But we did all we could as leaders for her. Transfers are in 2 weeks and president has mention a lot of things are changing over here in ayacucho. I may be opening an area but still here in ayaucho. Like a ward switch or something.. so well see what happens..

Lastly Hna botts mom told you about the package but I also have one I want to send home with her Dad, so I dont know if there is any time you guys have plans to drive to utah to pick it up or I guess she could sent it to ya too. Let me know what would work best. BUt im sending one with him si o si! 

 I love every minute here in ayacucho with Hna Bott! Life seriously is just soo good as a missionary! Dont have much more info on the whole family gallegos sealing but ill let ya know. LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!

Hermana Nielsen

PS, Something Ive been meaning to say for like my whole mission but always forgot while I was writing is that Dad you should start up Fathers interviews again. I remember when I was little we would do them every fast sunday, then somehow we got out of habit. I really liked them and I think it would be good for the little girls and Cody since they are about my age when we did it. 

PSS also Im sending some of the stories ive typed up since my time in family history on familysearch, just so you guys can read them. Let me know if I missed any details and give me more ideas! Hope you enjoy! 

And cody amber summer carly and adelaide still havent done thier homework!!!

 isn't she just adorable!! Cute Carla!

 This is Frine and her family. The one that got burned, and is having a baby in a MONTH!

just chillin on a dirt road... IN AYACUCHO PERU!

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