Monday, January 19, 2015

After All I Can Do...

Buenas dia mi hermosa familia!
 Esta semana ha sido MUY BIEN! Primeramente tuvimos 13 lecciones en historia familiar! woohoo! La semana pasada solo tuvimos 2... entonces fue muuucho mejor! La lunes pasada tuvimos una noche de hogar con la familia Machaca, (hay fotos) y dibujamos nuestros familias y hablamos en como podemos mejorar y fortecler nuestras familias y lo escribimos en la papel y los pegamos en la pared. Fue muuy divertida. Yo amo a esta familia! Esta progresando muy lentos todavia pero somos pacientes. Martes tuve una intercombio con Hna Tuquerres! Fue lo maximo! Ella es super! Solo hay 3 miembros en su familia y todos son menos activos. Ella es muuy fuerte! Aprendi mucho de ella! Miercoles fuimos a HUANTA! es una lugar como una hora de ayacucho, hay elderes serviendo alli, fuimos para hacer lecciones en historia familiar! la camino es muuuy bonito! Jueves tuvimos oltra leccion con la familia machaca, hablamos de la resturacion oltra vez, poco a poco con ellos.. 

Alright sorry im running out of time and this is just a little bit faster! Presidente came for interviews this week! We had to think and prepare a question. I prayed and couldnt think of anything doctrine or investagators wise that i could ask. So i decided to ask him what kind of missionary he saw me as, if he were to describe me to someone else what would  he say about me, my weaknesses and my strengths. He didnt quite give me the answer i was looking for but he told me he said me as one of the sons of mosiah that wanted to help others and a few other more personal things, but then he told me He was the wrong person to be asking. ANd that that was something i needed to prayerfully ask my heavenly father, so I would be shown my weaknesses to be able to improve them. It was super good. I just love president soo much! He also mentioned alot of After all we can do.. And that if i was doing all that I could do then everything would work out, in respect to family history and getting all those converts to the temple (he also mentioned he wanted all the converts in the last 24 months from all of ayacucho to get to the temple!) so thats what Ive been asking myself lately if Im really doing all that I can do. All that is requiered of me here in my area and in family history. 

I dont have time to tell you about all our funny stories, i wanted to send alot of pictures today! but Hna Bott will write about them then ill have her send them to you! I love you guys soo much! And hope you have a great week!
Les Amo bastante!!! Cuídese! 

Hermana Nielsen

ps, talk about my question I sent you as a familiy about the family gallegos sealing and let me know! Ill talk to pres tonight.
we matched!

matched again.. NEVER on purpose

rockin ambers dress in the ayacucho rain!


soaked!! I love ayacucho rain storms!
It rained sooo much! If you look closely my skirt is soaked up to the hips. haha sooo much fun though!   ´singing n preachin in the Rain´

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