Monday, January 12, 2015

The only way to Win is to Loose!‏

Hey there family!

Alright well lots of random topics to cover so im just gonna go for it!
First I forgot to tell you we were headed to Lima this week! We had our leader meeting so we got that good old 10 hour bus ride 2 nights in a row, but we got to go to the temple tuesday night, soo great! My first time with Hermana Bott! WE got back at like 8am wednesday morning and had to run over to our zone meeting, ( making that like 3 days without showering, Oh hey fun fact.. we got to Lima a little late and had to sprint over to our meeting so Hna Bott and I had bed head and no make up, well Hna bott did her hair the night before, but I didnt. I looked sooo good, so then coming back and going straight to zone meeting I looked exactly the same. THEN just for the heck of it I decided to go the rest the week without makeup, but I did get to shower finally thank goodness.)
  so for zone meeting we had to teach part of what we learned in leadership meeting. No time to prepare but it still went alright, everyone talked and participated so that helped out alot!
   President also announced our new mission president. G.boyd and Ninon McGinn from Maryland.. but I wont ever know them I go home with president.

   Hey my letter came with my card! Yay I finally have money to buy you guys cool stuff! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  And the letters were great! I enjoyed each one! And Hna Bott loved the picture Carly drew of us. She even included her BOOTS! ALL the peruvians make fun of her when she wears them so we have a big joke about them, So the fact that in the picture she is wearing boots make us really happy. THAnks CArly!

So the family Machaca is really progressing! Our special family we found in the rain. They come to church every week ALL BY THEMSELVES, they walked the 20 min walk and its so great. The Dad, victor, has only come once, but the Mom and her 2 kids (the others are on vacation to other parts of peru) come every week. They go straight to thier classes its GREAT! The mom, Naraza loves going to gospel princibles in Quechua so it works out great! I love them sooo much. The only problem is that they arent married.. BUT THEY WANT TO GET MARRIED, they just want godfather and mothers and its hard to help them understand they dont need that. We are working hard with them. Its hard because we have a 3 way language barrier because the mom speaks and undertands only a little spanish. But we are getting there! WE want to see them baptised so bad while we are still together! But everything is the lords timing.

So this week we have been listening to a ton of talks by prophets and apostales while we get ready or eat. And I have LOVED it! We had like a President Monson marithon, it was just one talk after the other. HE is SOO funny! I just love him even though I have never seen him in the flesh, I just feel like I know him and I know he is a prophet. There was another good one by Holland. In it he told a story about a missionary asking him if he would give his life for the gospel, he responded I am giving my life for the gospel. He then went on to explain that he knew what the kid meant and yes he would die for the church and the gospel, but that living for it meant so much more. Its easy to die for the church. We have testimonies and itd be a one action type of thing, But that living for the church and the gospel was so much different. Giving your life dedicated to the church is the bigger sacrifice because it requieres all your time and lots of years of it. YOUR WHOLE LIFE. He then said we dont need people who would die for the church we need them to LIVE for it. WE need those who are gonna be here and get the job done. I  found that super interesting and I can relate as Ive been GIVING my life for the church. I would die for it too. But in this moment its the giving that I am doing and its so wonderful! I love what the 4th missionary talk says, The only way to really win is to loose. Loose ourselves in the service of the lord. Living everyday for the church and being those examples. Then in the end we win. Win eternal life and blessings we couldnt even imagine. I love being a missionary and loosing myself to win and living every day dedicated to his work! Its the best calling every! 
I love you guys tons! Have a great week! Be better members and people then you were last week!
Hermana Nielsen

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