Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Give me Mountains to Climb‏


Give me mountains to climb! First because churrillos is super flat and I miss my mountainous ayacucho! which was pure hill. BUt im finding my own personal mountains to climb. This was a great week full of personal trials but I am so so very grateful for them! But besides the growing experiences we had a great week!

Last tuesday we had to pick up an Hna who just finished her mission and was headed home to Nasca, we live right across the street from he mission office so we are we have to do all the favors for the asistants. So she stayed the night with us then the next day we had to take her to catch her bus home. Well it took us a while to get out the house and find a ride with all her suitcases so we got there a little late and turns out her bus was leaving right as we got there... Oops.. so we called the office and they said to try and catch another bus that wasnt as nice so we hurried and took a taxi over to the other station and as we went to buy her tickets Hna Addington realized she had forgotten the money that the office gave us to buy all her tickets, so we began scrambling for money looking in all our pockets. and came up with barely enough to pay for her ticket to get there, we bought the tickets and got her on her bus finally home. She was super cute. Then afterwards we realized we needed to head back home but we didnt have squat.. like literally we had 2 soles all together. WE were way far away from our house and had no idea how the bus routes were.. So I went over to a security guard to ask about buses and just prayed thered be a way with just 2 soles... As I talked to him out of no where appeared OBISPO JUAN! He isn't our bishop, I dont even think he is from our mission but he is super good friends with Presidente and always does favors and cooks for leadership counsel meeting so we knew him. And he just asked where ya headed Hermanas. And offered us a ride. WHAAT?! Holy smokes miracle/Tender mercy! God loves us. So he gave us a ride back to our house free, it was such a huge miracle we couldnt stop thanking him! haha.

WE worked really hard this week! This area is awesome! There are some really prepared people here and the ward is super supportive! Which just makes me feel the pressure that we gotta do soo much to use it and find those people. This is a part of presidents letter to me that I really liked...

Sister Nielsen, Bolognesi is a very special part of the Lord´s vineyard. The bishop is a man of great vision and capacity. Be a supercharged missioanary to help build Bolognesi. Be at the top of your teaching, your motivating and finding to explode the faith in Bolognesi. There is huge potential there for one with great faith! Harness all you have to make a difference there. I know you can! We love you!

I'M so grateful for this new area and we gonna see tons of miracles! THis week we taught Jesus who has a date for the 11th of april! his mom and kids are members, this was the 2nd lesson with him. he is pretty much solid. HE understands and believes everything.he is still waiting for his answer but its not slowing down his progression, he knows this is what he wants
We just have to finish all his lessons and he will be ready to go! Next we are teaching Leonardo, his mom just got baptized and she is suuuuper awesome. HE doesnt beleive in God so its been a different way of teaching him but he is willing to learn  and says he wants to believe! SO we are working hard with him. Those are the only 2 really progressing right now. 

Well I love being a missionary! I feel I've lost that greenie fire or its not as strong  but its something I've been trying to find again so finish with. BUt i loove loove looove working and serving and hope i can give everything heavenly father wants from me here in this area like president said. I'M so excited for conference next week too!!! I've never been so excited in all my life!! Hope  YOu all have a great week!!!

Herman NIelsen

ps, Ive made my decision and Its offical, my date is the 16 of june... its just easier that way. 

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