Monday, April 20, 2015

When in Peru do as the Peruvians do‏

Hey Family!

LAst week for Pday we went to the center of Lima, I went there last year when I was in the CCM. It was cool to go back, we just shopped and took pictures of all the pretty buildings.
  Tuesday I had an intercombio with Hna Rush. She is from Arizona and we have about the same time in the mission and it was the BEST intercombio ever! We talked about eeeeeeeverything! Goals, how the mission has affected our lives, how much we have changed, how much every girl NEEDs to go on a mission, how scared we are to return home, just everything. It was so much fun! and it was nice to have someone to talk to, I just felt so edified afterwards. WE got along reeeally well. Love her! Great missionary!

This week I finished the Book of Mormon reading aloud in spanish. FINALLY! took me like 8 months. But now my goal is to finish it again in english before I go home! 

OKay so this is just gonna be tons of  random stories..

  We are teaching a less active that just moved here from Iquitos, the jungle, and she has the coolest accent. It sounds like a thick southern accent but in spanish. Its sooo funny! On the phone the other day, as she was hanging up she said *Ya Hermanitas chua bediciones..* I thought that was a strange thing to say so I said it in English with her accent. And both Hna Addington and I were like TRACEY! (old youtube video) So now we always say paz y bediciones. or Peace and blessings, with our best version of a thick accent haha.

WE met a guy who looked exactly like captain hook this week! His name is Eduardo, he has long black curly hair down to his shoulders, this sounds terrible but he even has the hook! He somehow got his hand shopped off except one finger, so its all wrapped and bandages up and his pointer finger sticks out the top and he uses it just like captain hook. An At first glance I was reeeally scared to enter his house, but he ended up being AWESOME! He was like mindblown when we taught him about the trinity. And it just made so much sense to him. He was writing down notes so he could show it to all the other preachers that stop by his house. haha. He also loved the restoration. Got super excited, it was kind of scary! but well just have to  see what happens next with captain hook.. 

We were teaching a less active and she told us she could not go to church because she was addicted to her sewing machine...... She told us how she wakes up in the middle of the night and just has this burning desire and need to sew and she just cant stop or control it. So she wouldnt be able to come to church... uhhh... HAHAHA!

There is an Elder in our district who is teaching a family and thier names are Johnny, John and Juan... we joke and say whats the moms name Juana?

Yesterday a man passed us with his dogs then a few minutes later was running to catch up to us and then asked my companion, what do I have to do to talk to her. referring to me. We didn't understand so we just said oh well we are missionaries and if youd like to learn more about the church we can come visit you. Then he just said no, I just want to talk to her. Ya chua!  So we started walking away and he just keeps yelling *Eres Bonita*  

Sorry this is all kind of jumbled..  But I LOVE you guys sooo much! It amazes me that even 16 months in I still feel like Im learning as much as I did when I first got here. AND I LOVE IT! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! THanks for being the best family EVER!

Hermanita Nielsen

Hermana Addington and I

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