Monday, April 6, 2015

I Thank Thee O God for a Prophet.. and Conference.. and Hna Bott :)‏


IM GONNA BE A TIA???!!! I really hope Chelsea wasnt pulling an April fools joke on me cause ive literally just shouted it and told it to the whole world already. CONGRATS! IM so excited!! IM gonna be a TIA! 
  So this was a great week! SO MANY ANSWERS TO PRAYERS! First one, I kind of mentioned last week how I was struggling a little, just with a new companion and new area and just lots of things, well I decided to write Hna Bott a letter and tell her a little and I mentioned how I missed her and wished she was there so I could see how she would handle it cause I knew she´d be better about it. Well God loves his missionaries and is so aware of my needs! WE got a call around 6 that a few hnas were coming that night and needed to sleep in our house, since were the new hotel for hnas. And im sure you could guess who it was... HNA BOTT! I was sooo excited! It was such an answer to my prayers. We talked non stop and got all the updates on each others families and it was just exactly what I needed. To get off my chest a few things Id been carrying. THen in the morning I was in the bathroom and I hear this loud scream then what sounded like a waterfall hahaha. Hna Bott was using our big water tank and the top fell off and water came gushing out all over the kitchen floor. it looked like a lake. I walked out and her face looked like she was about to cry and I just started laughing soo hard. I dont think Ive laughed that hard since the whole rat experience. And boy did it feel good. Im pretty sure Heavenly Father sent her and took the top off the water just so I could have that relieving good laugh. It was just the best. I LOVE HNA BOTT! Later she told me that they were originally assigned to a different house but they changed it at the last minute. I dont think that was a coincedence, Heavenly Father just knows my needs perfectly! I later wrote her a note thanking her for everything and gave it to her along with the other I had written before i knew she was coming. 

   THen conference!!! I went in with 4 specific questions. And it was amazing and I literally sat there in shock and how perfectly each question was answered. Every single one of them! I know we have living prohpets and apostles today who DO recieve revelations for us! I LOVED LOVED LOVED conference. I really liked Oaks talk about the parable of the sower, as well as Elder Pearson about enduring which fit in perfectly for me in trying to sprint to the end. I also really liked the one by Elder Ringwood about titles and leadership and just serving our God and not looking for acknowlegment. Also lots said about the family! And everytime it just makes me so so so very grateful for the family I have and the parents I have! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THE BEST!! I also really loved Nelsons about the sabbath Day.. And I always love Hollands bold shouting at us, ahh best,.haha I could probably just keep on saying all the ones I loved. haha and the muuusiic!! I wasnt even there, but I just felt like the music was soo powerful this year, and I could just imagine Dad singing along with them ´consider the lilies of the field.... ´ and then continue singing it the whole rest of the afternooon. Am I right? 

I actually didnt know it was easter til the afternoon session. I thought it was next week. But it wasnt too late to celebrate and be super grateful for my savior jesus christ. What would we do without him ??
Job 19: 25-26 
For I know that my redeemerliveth adn that he shall standat the latter day upon  the earth
 Im soo grateful to know that HE DOES LIVE!! I love him soo much! I love you all sooooo much too! Thanks for being the best!! Have a greeeat week! 

Hermana Nielsen

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