Monday, May 11, 2015

No Para para Nada‏

Hey Family!!

It was sooo great to see and talk to you even though it was really slow and cut short, It started working perfectly for my companion 30 minutes later but thats okay, she needed it more then I did. She only has 4 months in the mission. But I didn't really get to say goodbye so I hope you had a great day Mom and know I love ya LOOOTS! keep a look out in the mail!

SO this was a week full of different distractions and everyone was busy. Like I said to you guys Mothers Day seems bigger then Christmas here. The streets were filled with people on every corner. Cooking and drinking and dancing, flowers everywhere. All week long. Sunday was the worst though! buuut through all the comotion we were still able to find a few lessons and we finally put Abel with a baptism date! Its set for the 6 of June! He is really excited! We asked if he was able to read and pray and he said he read the whole chapter and then he did as we said and he prayed but didn't feel anything then he said that night he had a dream, I didn't quite understand it but he said afterwards that he knows this book is true! WOO! He then explained that it was even more special to him because the copy he has is from his Mom (who passed away when he was 5) He said a little while ago before we came and found him he was going through all her old stuff and found her personal book of mormon and it has all her markings and notes so he kept it and was interested in it but didn't actually read it til we came. How sweet is that? He is doing so great! And even said he wanted to serve a mission when he gets to that point! His good friend from grade school has been a huge example and help to him these past 2 weeks. He is preparing for the mission and has been super excited that Abel is taking the lessons and on board in helping us. So I think that's why he wants to serve a mission too. 

 We are also teaching a couple Melisa and Johan. They are married!!! And super great! We taught them about the book of mormon and they asked me to share how I came to know it was true. It was really neat, no one has ever asked me that or to share it, so I shared it and it was one of the most powerful lessons I've had. I shared that I was taught to read it since I was little but I didn't understand it then, but I knew that if I was ever feeling sad that if I read it it would make me feel better. I was just reading words that didn't make any sense to me but I loved the way it make me feel and I could recognize that from a young age. Then I shared that I finally read it all the way through for myself and prayed just as Moroni says. It's so cool for me cause I can remember that moment so clearly when I had the chance to kneel and pray in my bedroom after finishing it for seminary freshman year and ask if it was true. I remember I was home alone so no one else was in the house and after praying I just felt peace  the same deep peace I feel when I share my testimony and I thought to myself I know its true. I have no doubt. And that was it. I got my answer. They really loved hearing this and said they wanted to try it out for themselves. We haven't seen them since but I'm excited to see how it went! I loooove the book of mormon so much! 

Thursday for service we made mothers day cards for all the mothers. That's what I was trying to show you guys. I drew them and they turned out reeeally cute! Mothers day was impossible to work cause no one was home so we just took them around the all the mothers in the ward and thanked them personally. they all really liked that. 

 President and Hna douglas came to our ward, and President spoke. It was sooo good! He is so Powerful! I don't know if I've mentioned this but he is ending with me so this is his last cambio too and boy is he just giving every last little bit he's got! I'm so grateful for both of them! President also came and we did a weekly planification together as a zone for trainging. Like always he starts with something then just starts preaching at us about whatever he feels he needs to say. It had nothin to do with planning but it was so great! At the end he bore his testimony about how much he loves being a missionary and how it kills him that he is almost done. I relate to him so much so it just hit me even more how much I looooove being a missionary. I really do love everything about every moment being here in Peru. I know this is the greatest work because it is his work. I know it. I love it. And nothin is stopping me these last few weeks.

Have a great week!! Love you guys sooo much!!

Hermanita Nielsen

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