Tuesday, May 5, 2015

4th quarter.. NO REGRETS!‏


First off. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! Hope You had a wonderful day!! I love you sooo much!!

Wow this felt like the loongest week ever. Soo much has happened! So last week... Hna Bott came and stayed with us Monday, it was great we got to go on a 2.5mile run in the morning and just blabbed on the whole time catching up! 

This last week was great! WE were so blessed! We found some real potentials and have investigators progressing! I really truly believe we will see baptisms this change! As long as we do all of our part to help them. First we have Abel, he is 18 orphaned since he was about 6 raised by his aunt who is a less active just because she works on Sundays. But he is great! He went to church as a kid and came this Sunday and found a few old friends he had from primary! It was crazy! And he READ THE WHOLE chapter we left him! He already told us he wants to be baptized because he is the only one in his family who isn't baptized. we´ll defiantly make sure he understands everything though. We are putting a fecha with him this week! I really believe he is chosen! WE also had a lady contact us in the street and said she needed help with her family, and she came to church all by herself! but it was after the sacrament. But I'm super excited to help her. WE also focused a lot on the book of mormon this week and it was amazing! We have been reading 1 Nephi 1 together with them, and they get so excited they WANT to keep reading into ch2. SO many don't realize the book of mormon is a story, about families. And it has helped them to have more desires to read and learn more. 
Then Saturday we had Plan Rescate which is when the CCM missionaries come out (remember when I would go out and proselyte in the ccm) with us and we go visit less actives and invite them to church. I got put with a little chilean. Hna Muñoz. It felt like having a baby! It was so fun to take her around and show her how the work is. WE taught 2 really great lessons! 

WE also had Changes! Hna Addington left for Nasca and my new companion is Hna Giler  (pronounced healer) She is from Equador and just the cutest thing eeeever! 
 I'm so very excited for this next change! I love Hna Giler so much already! She is so great and we are so ready to work and see miracles! Im so grateful to be here in this area! And I'm so ready to sprint to the end, giving all that I have.I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a missionary! I cant imagine doing anything else right now. And I'm no where near ready to come home. Thank goodness there is still time. No regrets this change!

Hermanita Nielsen

ALso we are still in the process of finding a place to skype but I will be calling Saturday to coordinate everything so don't be on the phone. And I will see you all SUNDAY!
***goodbyes to Hna cook. Russle´s wife´s sister. We call each other cousins. and tell everyone we are family.. which we kind of are. Ha She always gives me the updates on how they are all doing.

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