Monday, February 2, 2015

Keep Calm & Pray On!!‏


OH MY GOSH! I cant believe Romeny is going to RUSSIA!!!?? Thats sooo crazy! And speaking Russian? Tell her to start working on it now and to pray pray pray pray. I thought spanish was hard! That will be so great for her though! Im supper excited for her! Its making me suuper nervous to see where cody goes! EEK! I wanna say Chile or Brazil but im kind of south America bias :) I could actually see him going to Europe. Like Germany or something..YIKES cant wait to find out! Que Emoción! 

Well this week was super crazy and stressful! Trying to get everyone and everything ready for the temple! But we did it!! Our goal at the beginning of the transfer was 10 from Ayacucho. and we got... don don don... 13!! With over 70 names done!!!! we would have had 15 but a few backed out literally at the last minute! Like we had bought her ticket, which wasnt cheap, and she called and canceled 30  minutes before her bus left.. we were not happy, but we kept our calm and everything still all worked out GREAT! I've never prayed so much in all my life. Literally I felt like I was just in a constant prayer all week long about everyone who was planning on going! We had two couples who came! One had been saving up for this trip and had a jar that said temple on it. SOOOO CUTE! I'll hopefully be sending that picture next week! We drove over Friday night then met up with the Hermanas in Lima that are working in Family history. I saw Hna Guzman and Hna Mendez!! Altogether we had 23 in our group! It was great! We were soo happy! It was crazy and stressful but we did it! Huge relief off our shoulders. Trying to herd peruvians is WAY WORST then trying to herd cats. Les prometo! haha but I love them! Also we needed help with the baptisms so I called around and all my good friends from Villa El Salvador came! I JUST LOVE THEM SOO MUCH!! The familia Lopez came, and the Familia Cordava! So great to see them and catch up! 

After everything, we finally got to just take a deep breathe and relax a bit. Since our bus doesnt leave til 9:30 we got to do a session which was so perfect. We were soo tired so I was trying so hard not to fall alseeep ooops. But It was just the perfect end to our week. While in the celestial room we were just talking and a lady asked us if we could help with a sealing and represent the children. I had never done a sealing before. We had them ask permission if we could as missionarie and I guess we can if we are only children. It was suuper cool! I loved it. The spirit is soo strong in the temple. I just love it. And I love my job in helping others get there to feel it too! Literally the best! Nothing compares to the spirit in the temple. NOTHING! 

So this week is jammed packed! Guess what?? Hna Bott and I are headed to Lima again tomorrow, but president said since he doesnt want us tired we get to go by PLANE!! I get to fly over Ayacucho Perú tomorrow! Im sooo excited! We have a family history meeting with the temple and all the other family history Hermanas. Then Wednesday we have leadership meeting so we will just stay there. and head back wednesday night.. Then sunday we have combios. Hna Bott will proabably be headed to Lima again! for the 3rd time in one week. haha. Were super sad cause we already pretty much know she is going... 

So something interesting I've been thinking about. The other day at church, the teacher asked me how many times I pray everyday. It totally caught me off guard. So I said alot. haha. But then I started thinking about it and counting and I hadn't even left the house and I was already at like 14. As missionaries we pray so much, but in my head I dont even think I could count how many times! I love love love love prayer! I pray so much about everything! Its such a blessing to be able to comunicate in whatever moment we need with our heavenly father! 

Also about the package. Honestly mom I can't think of anything I need.. I dont need clothes so dont send me more. Im trying to get rid of things so I wouldnt want anything that would just take up more room to bring home. But something I was thinking that I would want would be a pedometer, we are always curious how much we run/walk everyday. so idk thats an idea. But really other then that nothin I'd have to just haul back home please. haha.

Well I love being a missionary! I love peru! I love the Temple! and I Love you ALL! 
Have a fabulous week!! 

Hermana Nielsen

with gabby from alameda she went for the 2nd time>!

temple trip 31 January 2015‏

fueron 13 de Ayacucho (2 PAREJAS!!)
8 de san juan
 y 2 de Villa El Salvador
(y algunos de Ica)

23 en total!

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