Monday, September 22, 2014

It's Only Half Time!

We had a mormon helping hands service project at the PLAYA! it was super fun! all the missionaries in Lima got to go. 

Zone San Juan 

 Hey family!

So I hit my half way mark last week, and yes I've ben pruposely ignoring all your comments every letter for the past month about it, and what a better way to spend it then at the temple with 6 recent converts! So to celebrate my hump day, I decided I needed a little ¨half time chat¨ so I got out all my notebooks and journals and read through them all. my Personal Journal, my notes from general conference and other missionary meetings, my small plates of Hermana Nielsen, my scripture a day keeps Satan away, personal study notes ect, and it was sooo cool. just to reflect on all that I've learned. Ive learned so much, then to finish the night off i wrote down my feelings towards my mission thus far and the general theme i think ive learned is change and the power of the atonement. From watching people change, seeing myself change, experiencing change like areas and companions, being here in peru away from home. Change is sooo beauitful, and the gift we have that we can change, that we are never set in stone. And it is all because of the atonement, only through the atonement can we change everyday to become better, and when we understand this gift he has given us, thats what drives us to share it, and to use it. EVERYDAY! 

Another thing I wrote down was about a part in the 4th missionary talk that says when everything is taken away, our hobbies, our career, ect who are we? When everything is taken away and we are left just us what qualities do we have, I had written in my journal who I wanted to become at the beginning of my mission, and as I reflected I can see the difference as Ive become closer to that person. being a missionary is the best because everything gets taken away, I'm not erin the 3 sport athlete, im not defined by my facebook or instagram profiles that i would put so much time into, even to the exent of taking away my pretty hair, my cute clothes and makeup. I'm Hermana Nielsen, hair in a braid, grandma skirts, no  makeup, no profile, serving in peru and as I've left all those things behind it opens doors to develop new traits that matter, like patience, and forgiveness, and pure love. Those chirstlike attributes. And its sooo awesome! Im not the same Hermana that i was when i stepped on that plane, niether am i anywhere near the hermana i want to be when i step off, but thats whats so great about change, is that i can be constantly becoming better everyday through the atonement. Ah its so great and so impossible to describe sorry if this makes no sence. I've changed so much, i see it and i feel it and im so ready for another great  9months ahead to continue going up. my time may be all down here from here but im only up! its only half time! We still got the 3rd and 4th quarter folks! Love you all sooo much! 

Hermana Nielsen

ps, We had a great week sorry i didnt get time to say much about it.

ps, HAPPPY BIRHTDAY CARLY!!!!! Hope you have a great 10th birthday! Ill have to bring you home some awesome peruivan earings for those newly pierced ears. haha have a great day cutie I love you lots!!

pictures :We had a mormon helping hands service project at the PLAYA! it was super fun! all the missionaries in Lima got to go.

These are back in June at the Hermanas confernence..

All my Hermanas from my group in the ccm. 3 chileans and 3 mexicans and 1 gringa!!

and the Family Toral. All her children and grandchildren in the mission. (She is Hna Galos Mom in the mission, hence my grandma) Hna Toral is the one kneeling in the middle with a Hna hugging her haa. My chavez´s!! my two roomates from the ccm! then and now :)

old pictures with Hna Jimenez

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