Monday, September 29, 2014

Buried Treasure‏


Cody is a homecoming king?? haha thats awesome! And amber is now working in Family History, our ancestors must be trying to give us a hint that they are waiting for us to find them! We dont get time to really work on our own family history but I love looking through and seeing all the gaps we have, we still have so much to do.

IM IN A TRIO!! Just for 2 weeks. Hna Zarate came and we are training her so she can open a family history area in ICA, we are going to have 10 hermanas working in family history next transfer! im not sure the details but ill let ya know soon! how awesome is that! Hna zarate extended her mission 4 weeks just to do this, well president extended her mission so she could do this. SHe is awesome, I have learned so much and have loooved having her here. 

This week we taught 33 people! Which means we also created 33 family search acounts. 

Tuesday and Thursdays are our busiest days, Tuesdays we go visit all the zones in the meetings to see how they are doing with there recent converts and motivate them to work with us. Then we go to the temple and have to print out all the names and help all the missionaries and converts get inside the temple on time, tuesday we didnt have lunch til 5. 

So Hna jimenez came with the familia Lopez so i got to help them add all there names in there accounts and then Thursday we got to go to the temple with them to be the work for all there grandparents.Mauricio came too!! He had been struggling a little bit again after his baptism but he wanted to just come and see the temple, well when they came they all started talking to the taxi driver about the church, and he said he was struggling in his life so they invited him to come to the temple with them AND HE DID! He hung out outside with Mauricio and Segundo, our ward mission leader in Villa El salvador. and mauricio was able to share his testimony with him and talk about what we believed, It was soo perfect and I know exactly what marurcio needed, really our testimonies are strengthened and we realized what we believe when WE SHARE IT! The taxi driver ended up spending the whole day there, watched the joseph smith movie and had lunch at the temple with us, he is in the pictures im going to send, he made friends with all of us real quick it was soo cool, He is in the elders area but they have it all set up for them to teach him. He will join this church someday I know. It was soo amazing.

Tomrrow is leadership meeting and we get to talk there again!!

It was a Great week, next week is transfers. Hna muñoz is leaving, Im staying. I dont know who my new companion will be but ill let ya know. I loove being a missionary. Im learning so much in this assignment, its so cool helping others find all there family members, its like buried treasure ;)  LOoOOve you all tooons!!! 

Hermana Nielsen

TEMPLE with the family Lopez, hna jimenez and addington, Mauricio, Segundo, and the taxi driver

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