Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Holy Hastening

HOLY SMOKES!! This was such a crazy powerful week! There is sooo much to share! Sorry this is super late, we just havent had any time!

Monday, we went to the leadership meeting and it was SOOO good! WE watched the talk by Holland, the first and great commandment i think it is in english about DO YOU LOVE ME? President really hit it deep that we arent giving enough, and there is alot of pride in the mision, and its reflects our love for our savior. Then he talked alot about how we can't return to our nets, or in our case he refered to THE PLAYA, especailly after our missions. You can truly see the success of a missionary when you see where they are in 20 years. It was one of the best meetings I've attended. So powerful.

Then Tuesday we had the same meeting as our zones the next day and it just hit just as hard as the first time. So I've been asking myself throughout the day, Do I Love Him? And im showing it in how im working, and its changed my perspective of how i work and WHY im here serving.

So something president shared with us that is really interesting is that in 2013 a stake had 1,000 baptisms out of those 100 are active, 52 have recieved thier endownment and only 4 pay tithing. In our mission in 2013 we have 200 baptisms with 180 missionaries and only 30% are active. This year we have only had 100 baptism and we have 250 missionaries, so the number has gone down BUT in institute we have brought 58 converts to the temple to do baptisms and only 2 of those 58 dont attend every sunday!! Thats HUGE! and that was ony as of last last monday, cause last thursday we had 21 converts that we brought to the temple!! so now our number is up to 82 converts in only 3 months. And 186 nombres they have done. HOLY HASTENING!! SO because this has been so successful president called 8 more hermanas do this assignment in all parts of our mission!! IM so stoked!!

SO then last friday president called us and told us his plan and all the changes, which he switched and hna muños went to open the area in ica, and hna zarate will stay here and die with me, she only has 3 weeks left in her mission. IM SO EXCITED to have her! SHe is the best. But we are still in a Trio with our new companion Hna Guzman from Buenos Aires Argentina, Mission west. She is super awesome. Im excited for this next cambio. 

Monday all the new hermanas that will be working with family history went to a meeting and trainging with the area, and he talked to us then we explained what they were going to be doing and how we did it.

Oh also did i ever mention I made us a area book, when I got to this area we didnt have anything, no goals nada. So I talked with presidente and he said set something up, so we made up our daily goals cause they are way different then other missionaries, and I made us an area book with a registro de ensenanza whatever thats called in english, its sooo beauitful. ANd now ALL the hermanas are gonna be using it. HOW COOL IS THAT! its just been so crazy! I know im forgetting a ton.

OH and we didn't get to see conference yet, cause last sunday was perus election day so we didnt have church, but this saturday and sunday i will be able to watch it. IM SUPER EXCITED!! well im out of time 

I love you guys so much and know this work is truly hastening and the temple and book of mormon is the key to retencion! I LOOOOOOVE being a missionary!
have a great week!

Love hermanas Nielsen

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