Monday, October 27, 2014

I had the Noodle Dream!!‏


SO Guess what?! I finally had my first offical real completely in spanish dream!! POR FIN! Ive had a ton others that were like half and half but i didnt count it. 

But thats not all others have had their noodle dream too! Okay so story time rewind to Vill El salvador..
  So before Mauricio was baptized he was struggling a ton, and remember my story about remembering Whit and how he needed to feel the spirit well a couple days after that I was praying before I went to bed, and praying super hard for him, and the thought came to me and I didnt think much of it but I prayed that this familia that had past away or his ancestors could help him recognize his answer, I think because of the story of Bednar and how he said that we would have thier protection with us if we did our family history, I just thought why wouldnt they be able to help him now, because if he joined the church he would be able to do thier work. So I prayed they would be able to help him feel this was the right thing to do. Cause we were out of ideas in how to help him. And all of this was before I was called to serve in Family History. When I got the call I thought hey this is perfect I can help him now, well he was super busy with work and could never come in, so I put it aside for a while cause we were super busy with everyone else. When he came to the temple with us just to see I thought about it again and thought man I really got to help him, since then  I had kind of forgotten about it until early this week, I didnt dream about it but right when I woke up it was the first thought in my mind and I remembered how I had prayed for that, and I attamatically thought I didnt get put in his assignment out of coinisedence I gotta help and do my part of the bargin. Then that morning the Hermanas in Villa El Salvador called, so I took advantage of it and told them they had to bring Mauricio in to us soon so we can help him, and they told me they had actually just talked to him yesterday and he had a free day from work saturday. 

 So yeah he came in Saturday and it was sooo great! It was a great lesson. I didnt share this story with him, but i did tell him his family is waiting for him to help them, he is really excited! And just kept saying how he knew this was true. Then right before he said he said he wanted to share something with me and told me he had dreamed early this week of his grandparents who have passed away, he said in the dream they were just standing there and didnt say anything to him so he didnt know what it was suppose to mean til after he came to our lesson and now really wants to help them. WOw tons of relief off my shoulders. But its not finished til he has taken the names to the temple and they are completely done. His schedule is still busy but he said he could skip a couple classes so we are hopeing for this week!! AH this work is soo real! I really have just felt how true it is this week. I love what i get to do here!

The Hermanas also told me he is reading the book of mormon faster than they are! He is so awesome!

ALso have you read the ensign this month??  especailly the talk by bednar?!! Holy perfect!! 
ALso I met sister oscarson and sister stevens who came to our stake. They came up to talk to us cause they saw we were missionaries. I got to play translator for all my companions, but yeah it was super cool! they are great!

Also hna zarate left this morning for chile... This is the first person ive killed in the mission. WE got along so well im gonna miss her tons! Then hna cortez goes home in 2 weeks. AHH! its so sad. Im old in the mission now. its weird. But hey im still in a trio! Hna mendez, also in my goup, is now in our trio. im super excited! she is from mexico.

Well I love being a missionary soooo much! I KNOW this church is true. I know the temple is the house of the Lord. I am so grateful for this oppertunity to work so close with the temple. Family history is so real and so importance. and its hastening too! Just go read the ensign! 
LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! keep being good examples to everyone! 


 Hermana Nielsen

Hna zarate and mendez at the temple 

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