Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy late NEVADA day!‏

Pretty Peru!!

Hey Family!

 OH hey Happy Nevada Day! There are only 3 of us in the mission from Nevada but I saw them both and was super excited to wish them a Happy Nevada Day that day haha.  This week went by suuuper fast!  WE had our leadership meeting tuesday, so im not a sister leader, but everyone calls us the Hermana assistents, so president asks us to attend every month. It was really good. I got to participate in an activity where they had me hold a 1 liter of water with my hand streched out, and they said to hold it as long as I could but that I could ask for help whenever I needed from my companion who was standing next to me. SO me being me, I held it as long as I could and when I started to shake a little my companion asked to help and I say no Im fine... yeah until my arm basically fell off, Then afterwards they explained what it all meant and it really hit me, they said my companion was like the savior and his atonement offering to help us but only if we let it. I realized how well this showed who I am, I try to be too independent sometimes. They explained yes we must do all that we can before the grace and mercy comes in, but I sometimes take that to the extend and think I dont need any help, cause I could have asked for help from my companion at the very first second and lasted a lot longer. It was really cool and made me think alot about what kind of person I am and if I really am relying on my savior and his atonement to help me through my hard times cause I dont have to always take the whole load upon myself. I know it was really interesting for me to think about. I liked it a lot.

AS far as the temple goes we had 9 converts go to the temple and we did 13 names! and of those 9 seven of them went to church! so the promise of elder bednar we are truly seeing! I think thats what I love most about this calling, is that we really get to see the fruits of the work. We get to see these recent coverts enter the temple and thier faces when they come out and hear about how they have never felt anything like that before. Its soo cool! I love it. We are having changes in 2 weeks im pretty sure I will be returing back to the normal missionary life which I am very excited but I do love love love this work! But I will be such a better missionary now because of this! But who knows well see what happens...

Hey funny story so last night we turned on the lights in the kitchen in the church and it was covered in cocrochets, like seriously the whole floor was moving and then we just went crazy trying to kill them all, I felt like i was walking on that bubble wrap. but yeah it reminded me of Dad and all his mission stories, haha so I had a good time and know exactly what he was talking about now. 

ALso did i ever mention we cook for ourselves? Yesterday I made real green beans with garlic mash patatoes with a cream of mushroom dressing and chicken in corn flakes.. it was super good! we always take turns cooking food from our countries so its always yummy chilean, mexican and argentinan food! I LOVE IT!

I love you all sooo much! I know this church is true! I LOOOOOVE being a missionary! Its going by soo stinkin fast but I seriously Love every day! I wake up happy EVERY DAY! its the best! Hope you all enjoyed my letters! (chelsea yours is coming)

Hermana Nielsen

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