Monday, November 10, 2014

312 baptisms!!!‏

Hey Family!!

This was a super great week! 

Things are going really great here in San Juan, the other day I found and reserved 22 names in just 2 hours! Im getting alot better in knowing how to work familysearch. Today we had a meeting with president and I guess he has to present all our success and what we are doing to the area and eventually to the 12 apostles!! Thats kind of a scary thought.. the apostles are going to know what my indicadores claves are. Its super crazy so we are trying to get everything all ready and perfect. So thats gonna be a huge stress this week! But im excited! This is also the last week of the combio... im really scared to see what happens but i know itll be where i need to be. 

Also just a fun fact.. Since ive been here Ive had 312 baptisms!!! Vicarioss, but a soul is a soul. Its the work of salvation no matter what side its on!

 Last monday we did some major spring cleaning, cause its spring time here! I killed at least 500 spiders... I wouldnt be suprised if I woke up tomorrow with some super spidy powers (that was for cody haha)

Also I love my companions. We have sooo much fun together. I love being in a trio! If i have time ill send some of our great pictures we have! Adn yes dad I have started picking up al ittle bit of an argentinan accent. haha 

Hey random, so one of the best parts about going to the temple is I always run into people I know. Whethers its old missionary friends from the CCM in other missions or old members from all my old areas, Guess who I ran into this last week, Elder Austin Morris. He played basketball with Cody and I, It was so crazy. He recognized me first, he is sooo tall!  I had heard from colby patton that he was coming to Peru but yea it was cool to see someone I knew from Nevada! He is serving in Lima east. 

Also cool story! So on family search I found a picture of grandma nielsen in one of the dresses I brought on my mission. I hadnt worn it in over 2 months then thursday I decided to wear it just becuase itd been a while. My companions who had never seen me wear it, complimented it and so i started talking about how it was my grandmas and showed them the picture in my my family book and when i look at it I looked at the dates and it said that she passed away the 6 of novemebr, i looked at my calender and it was the 6 of november!!! I dont believe in coinsidences. I was very grateful for that sweet special little miracle to remember grandma and have a piece of her with me that day. I took a picture with her picture ill send it in a sec.

I love you guys soo much! Im so greatful for each one of you! I know this church is true and I know my savior lives. I love every day I have as a missionary. I love working and serving. This is seriously the best decsion ive ever made in my life! 

Hermana Nielsen

PS, I had an intercombio with Hna Cortez, SHE GOES HOME NEXT WEEK!! Im so sad! But I loved every minute with her, it was just like the good old days, we talked so so  so much it was great! I love her so much!

pss, Also I made blue cheese salad this week! I couldnt rememeber the portions for the dresing only the ingredients but it was super good! 

psss Hey mom I have a video for you... Thanks for all you have done for me and all the time you have sacrificed for me! This video made me think of you!

pssss Also you guys as a family should watch this video for family home evening its sooo cool! 

I think thats everything! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

wanna see something funny...

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